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1) This metal journalism site exists solely for the love and benefit of the bands, their music, their art, and for metal in general, NOT for monetary or personal gain, and certainly NOT to truckle to anyone or anything.  There are numerous other sites out there who blatantly flaunt their love of profit, who shamelessly suck up to any and every band that they come across, and who run their sites with frivolous, insouciant abandon.  Visit them if that’s what you’re looking for, but you’ll find none of that unprofessional bullshit here.​​


2) This site contains frank, scrutinizing articles written about the bands that Hated One Metal Reviews enjoys, the music that Hated One Metal Reviews appreciates, and contains interviews of the luminaries of the metal industry that Hated One Metal Reviews chooses.  This is done for the benefit of both YOU, the venerated readers, AND for the bands, artists, and other artisans of the international metal community.  By sharing music that you may not yet have heard before, you may become a fan of the artist.  In turn, your life is enriched by their art, and, again in turn, the artists receive the vital support that they need to carry on in their creative ventures.  This is a beautiful symbiosis, let’s keep it going.  There are numerous other sites out there who are churning out poorly written fluff, degrading bash essays, and sycophantic trash that they were bribed to write.  Hated One Metal Reviews accepts NO bribes to write about ANYTHING, period.  If you’re looking for fluff, bash pieces that gain the artists no new fans, or stipendiary, obsequious garbage, please leave this site now.  You’ll find none of that kowtowing or obloquy here.

3) This site is fully funded and operated independently.  No investment or outside help is sought or accepted other than that which Hated One Metal Reviews is incapable of doing itself – and all outside contractors are fully compensated and credited for their work.  Hated One Metal Reviews gladly supports its favorite artists by purchasing tickets to nearly every show it attends, by purchasing the music and merchandise of its favorite acts, wearing said merch, and by attending as many live shows (local, national, and international tours) that it can possibly afford with its available time and finances.  Ultimately, to love metal properly is to commit to metal completely.  There are numerous other bland, generic, corporately owned sites and conglomerates out there who employ occasional “metal clickbait” to drive more visits to their insipid, profit-driven businesses, as all the while they are doing their damndest to take advantage of "Freedumb of the Press" by almost never paying to see a show.  Visit those assholes if that’s what you’re looking for, but around here, you’ll find nothing but ALL metal and ALL support for our favorite artists, ALL the time!

4) All articles posted on this site are OPINION.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You have the right to form your own opinions about what is posted, who or what is written and posted about, and how it is written or presented.  However, please be aware:  Musical tastes are identical to food tastes in that everyone’s are different and unique…and that’s life!  You are NOT being asked or forced to fully agree with everything that is written and shared here, and nor should you be.  Your tastes may not match up exactly with those of this site, and that is to be expected, but please know that NO time or effort will be wasted by Hated One Metal Reviews to defend its opinions.  What you read and hear is what you get.  If you like it, fantastic; if not, oh well.  There are numerous other sites out there whose administrators, writers, and owners are gleefully willing to engage in obtuse pissing contests and thread-based opinion squabbles with their readers and internet trolls.  Visit them if that’s what you’re looking for, but you’ll find no such buffoonery here.

5)  While not officially affiliated with any specific organizations, committees, or action projects, let it be stated here and now that Hated One Metal Reviews has never, would never, and strives to never, EVER knowingly support ANY acts that espouse ANY support (vocally, symbolically, or otherwise) for bigotry, racial/spiritual/gender/class/mental or physical disability/sexual orientation inequality, or National Socialism/fascism.  All acts are inspected and vetted as thoroughly as possible, and when there is ANY of the above implied behavior or imagery displayed by the act, either at present or in the past, then that act will NEVER receive ANY ink from Hated One Metal Reviews.  Period.  And if that vetting process ever fails and this site accidentally covers an act that espouses such beliefs, then those pieces WILL be removed immediately... Diversity of life is all around you!  Diversity of art is all around you!  Embrace it, don't hate it!  Abominably, there are plenty of other sites out there that support heinous, odious, outdated, bigoted, and exclusive views (and acts that espouse such views). This should not even need to be said, and yet, here it is...  If you support hatred of other human beings simply because their skin looks different than yours, they don't believe in your same spiritual beliefs, they make more or less money than you, they do not possess the same mental or physical faculties as you, or they are not the same sex as you (or changed sexes to better identify with the souls they were born into), and you insist that your music also advocates your spiteful rhetoric, then you may as well leave this site now, because you will find NO support for hate speech or symbology here.  

Finally, this declaration here and now stands alone as one signature for ALL articles and posts contained within, upon, and by this site. 

Signed for posterity and in perpetuity,

Geoff Teach

Owner, Editor-in-Chief, and Lead Journalist

Hated One Metal Reviews

Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

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