"6 Bands You May Not Know, But Should" - 3/26/2020 Edition

Now more than ever, bands across the globe need your help, venerated readers. Unable to tour, acts are suffering just like the rest of us whose jobs are not deemed essential, and their careers have been placed in a holding pattern (also, may those of you out there whose jobs are essential please be careful and know that you have the gratitude of Hated One Metal Reviews). Please, if you enjoy anything that you read and hear below, SUPPORT THE ARTISTS BY PURCHASING THEIR MUSIC AND MERCH!

Some day in the near-enough future, we all will be able to return to some semblance of life as we knew it before this awful plague befell our civilization, and bands will return to touring and truly making an honest living from their art, but until then, please do all you can to support metal artists, big and small. Thank you for reading, and stay safe and healthy out there everyone! \m/

1. Pure Wrath (Bekasi, Indonesia, ASIA)

Album: The Forlorn Soldier EP (Debemur Morti Productions)

Release Date: March 6th, 2020

Genre: Atmospheric/Symphonic Black

Contemporaries: Mist of Misery, Gloosh, Forlet Sires, Izthmi

The Indonesian metal scene has been thriving for some time now, producing acts from all over the map of influences and genres. The latest with music to arrive in American ears is Bekasi’s Pure Wrath, who’s EP, The Forlorn Soldier, marks the fourth release from this atmospheric/melodic black metal project that was conceived by and is performed by one man, Ryo. Featuring three epic tracks that span the entirety of black metal’s depressive depths, The Forlorn Soldier EP is an excellent effort all-around. Bleak, introspective, and spiritually moving, this release should certainly gain this geographically challenged act gain some well-deserved attention. Rating: 9.5 / 10

2. Svengahli (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Album: Nightmares of Our Own Design EP (Independent)

Release Date: March 13th, 2020

Genre: Progressive Death

Contemporaries: Beyond Creation, Between the Buried and Me, Gorod, Obscura, Warforged

Proggy, math-driven, and summarily thought-provoking, Baltimore’s Svengahli have no qualms about getting weird. Mind-bending stylistic changes, tempo alternations, and jazzy bass and solo work are just some of the tools in Svengahli’s songwriting arsenal that they use to full effect on Nightmares of Our Own Design, the debut EP from the Maryland quintet. Broad strokes of Cynic influence accented with highlights of BTBAM and Obscura are prevalent across this remarkable EP. Definitively a first-rate first effort. Rating: 9.25 / 10

3. Dirt Woman (Ocean City, Maryland, USA)

Album: The Glass Cliff (Grimoire Records)

Release Date: March 13th, 2020

Genre: Stoner/Psychedelic Doom

Contemporaries: Acid Witch, Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Spirit Adrift, Goatess, Rezn

Also hailing from the great state of Maryland, Dirt Woman bring the trippy, nostalgic doom in droves on their debut full-length, The Glass Cliff, out now on Grimoire Records. Named after a semi-famous crossdressing celeb from Virginia who passed away a few years ago, Dirt Woman are no strangers to reverb, phaser pedals, or Orange bass cabs, and it shows on The Glass Cliff. Featuring five psychotropic songs that are probably best enjoyed on a head full of mushrooms, The Glass Cliff plods and pounds along as frontwoman/guitarist Zoe Koch’s haunting voice hangs and echoes above the turmoil. Good stuff. Rating: 9 / 10

4. Molder (Shorewood, Illinois, USA)

Album: Vanished Cadavers (Independent)

Release Date: March 20th, 2020

Genre: Traditional Death

Contemporaries: The Bleeding, Ribspreader, Chthonic Deity, Phobophilic, Kurnugia

Hailing from just outside Chicago, Molder have been building a following by playing tons of live shows and releasing material as often as possible since their formation in 2017. Obviously following in the “it doesn’t have to sound perfect, it’s death metal!” footsteps of acts like Death, early Cannibal Corpse, and the like, Molder’s putrid sound lends itself naturally well to muddier, murkier production. However, if you know anything about Hated One, you know that production quality is something that is always stickled over around here, so perhaps just a touch more polish would have done Vanished Cadavers, the debut full-length from Molder, some good. Still, the music is kick ass, and if you’ve ever seen this act live, then you know that that is Molder’s true habitat. Give this one a listen if you like your death metal dirty! Rating: 8.75 / 10

5. Ulvdalir (St. Petersburg, RUSSIA)

Album: Hunger for the Cursed Knowledge EP (Inferna Profundus Records)

Release Date: March 20th, 2020

Genre: Traditional Black

Contemporaries: Venom A.D., Mayhem, Darkthrone, Watain, Vaeok

Speaking of production, Russia’s Ulvdalir have brought back the cold darkness of classic black metal production on their latest EP, Hunger for the Cursed Knowledge. Having not a single web presence of their own, Ulvdalir employ obscurity and anonymity to further their cause of bringing raw, desolate music to the masses. Hunger for the Cursed Knowledge is the seventh original release from Ulvdalir, but unless you’ve had your ear to the ground (honestly, way to the ground), this fantastic act has probably passed you by since their first full-length dropped way back in 2008. But that’s just fine, though, as Ulvdalir don’t crave the spotlight anyway, they just want their music to spread like, well, you know... Rating: 9.5 / 10

6. Raider (Kitchener, Ontario, CAN)

Album: Guardian of the Fire (Independent)

Release Date: March 20th, 2020

Genre: Thrash n’ Death

Contemporaries: Barbarian, Vaultwraith, Lutharö, Frontal Assault

As it turned out, March 20th, 2020 was quite the day for extraordinary metal releases. According to Hated One’s rankings, March 20th produced eight A-level releases, including one perfect score from Vancouver’s Neck of the Woods. Well, it is time to add another Canadian act’s album to the list of perfect tens released not only in the same year, but on the same damn day! Kitchener, Ontario’s Raider have kicked in the door with their debut full-length, Guardian of the Fire. Intense, ceaseless, and wholeheartedly rollicking, Guarding of the Fire contains eight romping cuts that leave the listener absolutely spent by the finish. With death-style vocals over the thrashing riffs and rhythms, Raider have shown that while the usual combo of “deathrash” is great and all, still nothing compares to sick thrash stylings as the backbone to death metal overlays. Nothing. At least not when it comes to how Raider does it, anyway. Honestly, get this preposterously good shit in your earholes, NOW! Rating: 10 / 10

That's all for now. Thanks again for reading, and again, stay safe out there, metal heads! We'll be back to banging in no time if we all do our part. Stay home, stay safe, and we'll be seeing you all on the other side of history! \m/


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