"6 Bands You May Not Know, But Should" - April 16th, 2020 Edition

1. Necro Chaos (Porto, Portugal, EUR)

Album: Spiral of Obscurity EP

Release Date: March 20th, 2020 (Helldprod Records)

Genre: Traditional Death

Contemporaries: Obituary, Immolation, Ectoplasma, Molder, Phobophilic

The brand-spanking-new Portuguese death metal trio known as Necro Chaos are primed with promise and set to explode on the international scene. Formed in 2018, their recently issued EP, Spiral of Obscurity, represents the first known release from Necro Chaos, and what a release it is! Spiral of Obscurity is four nasty cuts of traditional death metal served up rank and abrasive. Although rough in production and sometimes in delivery, Spiral of Obscurity proves that this threesome possesses loads of potential. A solid listen. Rating: 8.75 / 10

2. Solothus (Turku, Finland, EUR)

Album: Realm of Ash and Blood

Release Date: March 27th, 2020 (20 Buck Spin)

Genre: Doom n’ Death

Contemporaries: Rippikoulu, Cult Burial, Konvent, Temple of Void

Realm of Ash and Blood is the third full-length brought forth from the obscure Finnish doom purveyors, Solothus. Now signed to 20 Buck Spin and being marketed to the hilt, however, Solothus are clearly seeking to emerge from the shadows with this seven-track stunner. Slow, sinister, and anguished, Realm of Ash and Blood delves deep into the recesses of privation and perdition. With songs featuring titles like “The Gallows’ Promise”, “Last Breath”, and “Chasm of Shattered Bones”, the dirges of despair are unmistakably prevalent upon this respectable release. Rating: 8.5 / 10

3. Arcada (Lima, Peru, SA)

Album: Projections

Release Date: March 27th, 2020 (Edged Circle Productions)

Genre: Modern Black

Contemporaries: 1349, Blaze of Perdition, Aegrus, Slaughtbbath, Vananidr

Pure fucking Peruvian evil abounds upon Projections, the debut full-length from the Lima-based black metallers, Arcada. Not necessarily new, Arcada have been slowly building their esteem since 2013 through demos, EP’s, and compilations, all the while composing the tunes that would comprise their magnum opus, Projections, which is available now from Edged Circle Productions. Damnably depraved and deliciously decadent, this remarkable album seethes and roils like an apocalyptic tsunami from Hell itself. Killer shit! Rating: 9.5 / 10

4. Angerot (Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA)

Album: The Divine Apostate

Release Date: March 27th, 2020 (Redefining Darkness Records)

Genre: Blackened Death

Contemporaries: Svart Crown, God Dethroned, Bethledeign, Vastum, Ritual Dictates

Fiercely fiery and frighteningly furious, South Dakota’s Angerot have put a haunting spin on blackened death metal with the release of their sophomore full-length, The Divine Apostate. Using hellfire choir vocals to accentuate multiple tracks, this album almost reads like the soundtrack to some vampiric horror movie – and is all the better for it. Enjoyably chilling and satisfyingly unnerving, The Divine Apostate should net Angerot many well-earned and well-deserved new fans from all around the world, just like it did here at Hated One Headquarters. The Divine Apostate: bloodcurdlingly good! Rating: 9.5 / 10

5. Crusader (Chicago, IL, USA)

Album: Stormbringer EP

Release Date: April 2nd, 2020 (Independent)

Genre: Power/NWOTHM

Contemporaries: Anvil, Wolf, Holy Grail, Ironflame, Scars of Armageddon

Back after a seven-year hiatus, Chicago’s power/traditional heavy metal stalwarts Crusader have returned to ride into battle and shout hails to Valhalla once more! Always galloping in rhythm and powerful in delivery, Crusader have celebrated their long-awaited rejoinder by releasing a three-track EP, Stormbringer, that has reminded us all just how much we’ve missed this killer act. Although only two tracks (“Stormbringer” and “Inquisitor”) appear on the Bandcamp page, a bonus cover of Venom’s “Witching Hour” is additionally included with every purchased download, so scurry over posthaste to grab your own copy of this awesome EP. You will not regret it! Rating: 9.75 / 10

6. Turin Horse (Saarland, Germany, EUR)

Album: Antipas

Release Date: April 11th, 2020 (Independent)

Genre: Blackened Sludge/Doom

Contemporaries: Immortal Bird, Inter Arma, Wells Valley, Lord Mantis, Novarupta

Falling into the “perfect timing” category is Germany’s Turin Horse, whose email submission of their latest full-length, Antipas, arrived at just the right time for inclusion into this edition of “6 Bands”! Serving up their own eerie version of blackened sludge and doom with utter abandon, Turin Horse have released a full album once a year, every year since 2018; and Antipas is surely the album that lands this talented act on many an international radar. Independently released, Antipas features six tracks that blend all the best elements of black, sludge, and doom metal to expert-level satisfaction. Don't sleep on this phenomenal effort! Rating: 9.25 / 10

Thank you for reading and checking out this fresh batch of six more acts you may not yet know! Please support the bands by purchasing their merch and music, and stay tuned for more great finds from Hated One, coming soon! \m/


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