A Double Dose of Death: Reviews of Reptilium and Aborted

On April 17th, 2020, two brutal death metal acts from two very opposite sides of the globe both released EP’s, and here at Hated One Headquarters, the temptation to cover them both in one article was too strong to resist. One is an independent, South American up-and-comer, and the other, a Belgian behemoth that is a household name in the modern world of metal... and both dropped ripping new releases on the exact same day? Yes, have some!

Reptilium – Adrenochromacy EP

Hailing from Quito, Ecuador, a city whose foundations were laid upon ancient Incan ruins, Reptilium seek to build a name for themselves with the recent release of Adrenochromacy, a sophomore EP that is chock-full of brutally slamming death metal goodness. Adrenochromacy reveals the raw talent and boundless ambition of Reptilium, which is the combined brainchild of main members Cecrops (guitars/vox) and Nirah (drums). Self-recorded and produced in Ecuador, and then cleaned up as admirably as could be by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings in Los Angeles, Adrenochromacy features four blistering cuts of sample-laden death metal that display heavy slam leanings. Although obviously (and audibly) not recorded in a true, professional studio, Adrenochromacy is still a valiantly bold, self-made release from an act who refuse to let their geographical limitations define their art – and kudos to them for that. An EP of this quality and strength should surely entice some labels to give Reptilium a real good sniff, so get ahead of the game and check out Adrenochromacy right now by pressing play below (and don’t forget to show them some internet love by clicking here)! Rating: 8.75 / 10

Aborted – La Grande Mascarade EP

The Belgian extreme death juggernauts known as Aborted have returned yet again with a three-song EP known as La Grande Mascarade to keep the quarantined masses sated! Well-known for being one of the finest, heaviest death metal acts on the planet, Aborted are fully aware of the power that a properly timed EP can have, and La Grande Mascarade is no exception. Representing the sixth mini-LP that Aborted have sprinkled in among their ten full-lengths over the decades, La Grande Mascarade is satisfaction defined. Perfectly produced, aggressive as fuck, and ruthlessly pulverizing, all three songs on this incredible little release are absolutely scathing and utterly delectable. This excellent effort has been marketed to the hilt by Century Media, with loads of merch package varieties available, so after digging on La Grande Mascarade by pressing play below, also be sure to visit Aborted on the web by clicking here, and grab yourself a copy of this exceptional EP right away! Rating: 9.75 / 10


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