A Hated One Interview with Aborted

Like the fictionally reanimated corpse that was comprised of many varied parts from many varied people, Aborted are the Frankenstein’s Monster of modern heavy metal. Founded prior to the turn of the century in Waregem, Belgium, this extreme goregrind n’ death lusus naturae has been fascinating the metal world with its heterogeneous amalgam of both imagined and true-life horror stories, grindcore, obscure vocabulary, extreme death metal, and grisly, blood-soaked gore since 1995.

Superficially akin to the legendary monster, Aborted have been infusing classic horror cinema samples and themes into their music and art since the very beginning. “[We are definitely] the musical equivalent of a horror movie,” agrees Sven de Caluwé, vocalist and only remaining original member of the now world-renowned international conglomerate; but if you dig a little deeper, Aborted begins to mirror the beast of Mary Shelley’s nightmares in even more ways than just the obvious. For example, although the recent history of the band suggests that this aspect may finally be lessening, were you aware that over twenty-five different men have called themselves members of Aborted?

That’s right, like some stitched-and-stapled together composite that is continuously cheating death, Aborted have defied the odds and have stayed (mostly) true to their sick, sick sound for well over two decades not because two or three of the same members have willed it so, but because a never-ending cavalcade of musicians has been sewn together and reanimated by Sven, not unlike the maniacally passionate work of Victor Frankenstein himself... and, most importantly, the musicians have (on the majority) danced to the Aborted tune.

“Mostly, I think that everyone who’s joined up over the years were fans of Aborted first, knew what the band was about, and felt no need to change things too much,” observed Sven in our recent chat via Zoom. “[Even through my not-so-favorite days of Slaughter & Appartus and Strychnine.213] (where the band took a brief-but-noticeably-daft turn toward melo-death for a couple albums in the late 2000’s), Aborted has still stuck to its sound since the early days and has done pretty well overall, so when it comes to Slaughter and Strychnine, no harm, no foul, right? Haha.”

Sven de Caluwé laying down vocals earlier this year

Thankfully indeed, the days of being chased back to the castle with pitchforks and torches due to the missteps that were Slaughter and Strychnine are well behind Sven and Aborted now, mostly due to a string of phenomenally produced albums dating back to 2012’s Global Flatline and ranging all the way through to the present with the impending release of ManiaCult on September 10th; and much like how the once-maligned beast of yore has now been embraced by the masses, Global Flatline put Aborted onto the golden path of universal recognition.

“I definitely agree,” concurs Sven, “especially since Retrogore, stylistically and artistically speaking. If you listen to ‘Dementophobia’ on ManiaCult, it sounds very similar to a lot of the stuff on Global Flatline, which in turn sounded a lot like the [music] on Goremageddon or even Engineering the Dead. I feel all of that ties together nicely with this [new] album.”

And speaking of the new album ManiaCult, much like the confusion caused between the lack of a name of the actual monster and the name of its creator (and the name of the book), Frankenstein, there is certainly a little purposefully manufactured confusion concerning the pronunciation of Aborted’s latest work, too. “It is pronounced like ‘manical’, but it can be said as ‘mania cult’, too…consider it a little play on English from the European,” chuckles Sven as he explains.

The insane cover art for ManiaCult, due out 9/10/21 from Century Media

But all kidding aside, Sven also agrees with Hated One that ManiaCult is not only Aborted’s best work yet, but that it is has also been following the upward trend set by Global Flatline ever since 2012. “It is definitely our most well-rounded album to date, because otherwise, what’s the point of putting out new albums, right? The point is to get better with every release, and to hopefully top what we did with the last one. I think we’ve done that with ManiaCult, for sure.”

Peppered with highlighted tunes such as the title track “ManiaCult”, the first single “Impetus Odi”, the aforementioned “Dementophobia”, and the perfectly horror-themed trio of “Verbolgen” into “Cermemonial Ineptitude” into “Drag Me to Hell”, ManiaCult delivers chills, (blood)spills, and thrill after thrill after thrill, all wrapped up into a beautifully packaged forty-minutes of extreme deathgrind deliciousness.

So, to get a hilarious taste of the gory feast soon to come from Aborted’s ManiaCult, simply press play below to check out the official video for the title track, have a chuckle at all of the fake news, and if you’re digging the track, be sure to support the band further by following the links provided at the bottom of the article. Enjoy, and stay metal! \m/

Rating: 97 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: September 10th, 2021 (Century Media Records)

Genre: Extreme Deathgrind

FFO: (early) Carcass, Exhumed, Dying Fetus, (early) Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index, Benighted, Haemorrhage, Skinless, Limbsplitter, Hideous Divinity

Suggested Listening from Aborted: Carcass (massive influence on sound and lyrics), Suffocation, Entombed, Dismember, Dying Fetus (“Our first show ever was opening for them,” reminisces Sven), Bloodbath, Hideous Divinity (bassist Stefano Franceschini has also been laying the low end for Aborted since 2016), Humanity’s Last Breath (vocalist Filip Danielsson makes a guest appearance on ManiaCult), Employed to Serve, Infant Annihilator, and “of course, our good buddies in Benighted.”

Sven’s All-Time Top 5 Horror Movies/Franchises: 1. “Nightmare on Elm Street”, 2. “Evil Dead”, 3. “The Thing”, 4. “Reanimator”, 5. “Hellraiser” (about which Sven says, “I think we’ve quoted every line from every movie over the albums through samples and lyrics, hahaha.”)

Aborted Links: Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Century Media Records Webstore


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