An Important Announcement from Hated One

Dear Venerated Readers,

Hated One Metal Reviews & Interviews regrets to admit that this site must go semi-dark, so to speak, and that articles and posts from this site will become much fewer and farther between for the duration of the foreseeable future.

To inform those who don't know, Hated One is a one-man operation from stem to stern. All writing, Photoshop work, and web design on this site springs from the mind and efforts of one person – and right now, the “big things” like reacquiring gainful employment and benefits, getting out of serious medical debt, and staying focused on the home front in that one person’s real life must take precedence over unnecessary and extraneous distractions, including running this website.

To put it in the coldest of terms, it becomes nearly impossible to justify spending so much time and effort on something that puts zero money in your pocket when you're down to zero money yourself, regardless of how much joy or satisfaction it brings you personally. You sit down to work on it, and it instantly feels like you could be spending your time more wisely, and that's the plain truth of it for now.

To quote Ready Player One, “reality is real”, and right now, that is frankly the most important thing in the life of Hated One’s curator, and your understanding in this matter as fellow human beings living together in a fully fucked up world is appreciated in advance. The realities of life here at Hated One HQ are what they are, cannot be avoided, and must be dealt with on a more complete level currently. As the French say, "C'est la vie."

To be clear, though, Hated One Metal Reviews is not fully shutting down and will remain active at least (or at most) until September 17th, 2021 (the renewal/cancelation date of the billing plan with our web host), but for now, series such as "Double Dose" and "Ear Hunters" will be fully shut down, and the postings of full reviews and interviews will become much more sparse. It may return to its fuller, previous glory again someday, it may not. We shall see.

So, in the meantime, please keep an eye out for another feature interview still to come in the month of November, the “Best of 2020” lists in December, and of course, more full reviews of and interviews with great metal artists (just with far less rapidity) for the rest of this year and into the next, and THANK YOU for reading, for understanding, and for continuing to stick with Hated One Metal Reviews & Interviews, even as it goes semi-dark.

Stay metal always! \m/

Hated One Metal Reviews & Interviews

Chicago, IL USA