"Day of the Wolf" Double Feature Review: Wolf King and Wolfheart

In a beautifully odd convergence, March 5th of 2021 has been declared as the “Day of the Wolf” by Hated One Metal Reviews for its featuring not one but two, count ‘em, two releases by artists who went the lupine route with their naming, California’s Wolf King and Lahti, Finland’s Wolfheart. To celebrate, please enjoy the following pair of reviews of these looming crushers! \m/

Review of Wolf King – “The Path of Wrath”

Continuing its ascension out of California’s Bay Area is the blackened hardcore/black n’ roll monstrosity known as Wolf King. Presented as their second LP to be released via Prosthetic Records, The Path of Wrath is fifty-five minutes and twelve apocalypse-inviting tracks worth of vim, vigor, and sweat-soaked contentiousness.

Jolting, jarring, and purposefully unpolished, Wolf King sounds as if Midnight, Venom, and Mayhem had a three A.M. gangbang that produced a wickedly unruly bastard offspring... and it’s fucking awesome, warts and all.

Some of the more delectably diabolical cuts featured upon The Path of Wrath include the calamitous, caustic opener, “Messenger of Death”, the melodiously dark and drudging deliciousness of “The Oath” (Hated One’s favorite), the ripping title-track, “The Path of Wrath”, and the beautifully braying “Grief Portrait”... but make no mistake about it, ladies and germs, the entirety of this album is pretty damn solid, and is by no means to be passed by or skipped!

To view the official video for “Wandering Soul” from Wolf King’s The Path of Wrath, simply press play below, and if you’re digging what you’re seeing and hearing, be sure to follow the links provided beneath the video to preorder a copy for yourself!

Rating: 92 / 100 (A-)

Release Date: March 5th, 2021 (Prosthetic Records)

Genre: Blackened Hardcore/Black n’ Roll

FFO: Venom, Mayhem, Midnight, All Hell, Skeleton, Nite, Somniate, Tides Cult

Wolf King Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp

Review of Wolfheart – “Skull Soldiers” EP

Finland’s Wolfheart need no introduction at this point. Having steadily risen since their inception as an act in 2013, the melodic death troupe from Lahti have carved out an iron-clad reputation for themselves through releasing consistently estimable LP after estimable LP.

Breaking from their self-imposed tradition of only releasing full-lengths and singles since 2013, however, Wolfheart put their newfound abundance of time to use to wisely in 2020 and tossed together a nice little EP for the first time in their careers entitled Skull Soldiers, due out on the Day of the Wolf from Napalm Records.

Featuring two brand new offerings, an acoustic re-envisioning of an old classic, and an in-studio “live” cut of one of their hits from their 2020 LP, Wolfheart’s Skull Soldiers is an astounding effort, especially considering the circumstances surrounding its conception. 2020 was hard on everyone everywhere, Wolfheart included, but seeing an excellent artist take the idle time and put it toward the wonderful use of creating even more art to share with the world always warms the cockles of the heart, doesn’t it?

Regarding the two new songs to feature upon Skull Soldiers, while the title track may have received the single release and more of the spotlight, it is the B-side “Hereditary” that truly awes the brain and drops the jaw. Fantastic shit.

Following “Hereditary”, Wolfheart decided to do an acoustic version of “Aeon of Cold”, the opening track from their debut LP with Spinefarm Records back in 2015, Shadow World... and to close, the boys from Lahti recorded a live, in-studio take of “Reaper” from last year’s Wolves of Karelia for your listening pleasure.

Intrigued? Then peep the official lyric video for “Skull Soldiers” by pressing play below, and if you’re intrigued further, follow the links provided below the video to drop some coin on a preorder of Wolfheart’s Skull Soldiers EP posthaste! \m/

Rating: 96 / 100 (A)

Release Date: March 5th, 2021 (Napalm Records)

Genre: Melodic Death

FFO: At the Gates, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquility, Kataklysm, Valgrind, Féleth, Aspherium, Voices of Ruin

Wolfheart Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp


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