"Ear Hunters" - August 25th, 2020 Edition

“Avast! Barbarous acts bearing brand-new material are stalking the night and hunting to own the fresh ears of new fans!”

· DeathCave

Home: Seattle, Washington, USA

Release: Smoking Mountain

Date: August 14th, 2020 (Satanik Royalty Records)

Genre: Sludge/Doom

FFO: The Ditch and the Delta, Black Cobra, Graves at Sea, Conan, Pale Horseman

Just storming out of the pluvial, Pacific Northwest are the spacey, sludge/doom trio known as DeathCave. Formed in 2018 and still green around the gills, DeathCave have gone straight for the jugular with the recent release of their initial full-length, Smoking Mountain, whose five voluminous tracks have laid a strong foundation for future works from this budding troupe. Scopious, inky, and occasionally stellular in sound and structure, the dexterity of the music on Smoking Mountain belies the rookie status of DeathCave and its members. Not too shabby whatsoever. Rating: 87 / 100 (B)

· Bear Mace

Home: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Release: Charred Field of Slaughter

Date: August 14th, 2020 (Independent)

Genre: Classic Death

FFO: Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Jungle Rot, Unleashed, Gatecreeper, Cardiac Arrest

Containing a multitude of veteran members from throughout Chicago’s metal scene, Bear Mace have returned with another heaping helping of classically influenced death metal, served up independently and full scale, entitled Charred Field of Slaughter. As a follow up to their 2017 debut LP, Butchering the Colossus, Charred Field of Slaughter represents an overall step-up, across the board. Production, songwriting, depth... all have noticeably improved upon the sophomore offering from this new(ish) Windy City project. Still at large and most definitely in charge, Bear Mace will certainly wrangle in a whole bunch of new fans as soon as this solid release ripples out along the web. Rating: 93 / 100 (A-)

· Midgard

Home: Kaniv, Ukraine, EUR

Release: Tales of Kreia

Date: August 18th, 2020 (Sliptrick Records)

Genre: Folk/Melodic Death

FFO: Eluveitie, Suidakra, Black Kirin, Nothgard, Varus

Personifying the third Ukrainian band to receive some ink from Hated One Metal Reviews over the past couple months are the folk-inspired, melodic death outfit from Kaniv, Midgard, whose third full-length Tales of Kreia is available everywhere now from Sliptrick Records. Rhythmic, rustic, and redolent of a more mystical age, Midgard’s Tales of Kreia contains another eleven full cuts of fine, folky death metal infused with the ancient forest spirits of Eastern Europe. Prolific through the first five years of their existence, Midgard are yet another fine Ukrainian act calling attention to the burgeoning metal scene of this small, war-bruised-but-not-broken country. Give ‘em a listen! Rating: 83 / 100 (B-)

· Self Hypnosis

Home: Huddersfield, England/UK, EUR

Release: Contagion of Despair

Date: August 21st, 2020 (Svart Records)

Genre: Progressive Blackened Doom

FFO: In the Company of Serpents, Head of the Demon, Ashtar, Seventh Circle

Going for the gusto with an initial release topping an hour and fifteen minutes worth of blackened, progressive doom are England’s Self Hypnosis. New in name and sound, Self Hypnosis was born out of the need for its founder, Kris Clayton, to separate himself from his other, more well-known project, Camel of Doom, as the music he’d been writing had become so avant-garde and so progressively different than past works that a new name had become obvious and necessary. Influenced by everything from Yes to Godflesh to Yob to Meshuggah and beyond, Self Hypnosis brings an overabundance of progressiveness upon Contagion of Despair, available now from Svart Records. More than replete with good tune after good tune, Contagion of Despair’s only drawback it that it could’ve done with some trimming, as listening to nearly eighty minutes of doom in one sitting can be quite daunting, regardless of how well-composed it is. Rating: 90 / 100 (A=)

Be sure to visit the bands’ pages if you’ve enjoyed anything you’ve read and heard here today, and as always, thank you for reading! Stay metal, always! \m/


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