EP Double Dose: Intoxicated & Vital Spirit

“Two diminutive delectations, scheduled for simultaneous release, analyzed and anatomized for your reading and listening pleasure!”

· Intoxicated

Home: Altamonte Springs, Florida USA

EP: Walled

Date: August 28th, 2020 (Seeing Red Records)

Genre: Thrash n’ Death

FFO: Obituary, Macabre, Battlecross, Nylithia, Raider

Originally formed way back in the early 90’s, Florida’s Intoxicated recorded a few demos - one reportedly produced and recorded by the legendary Chuck Schuldiner himself - and released an independent full-length in 1997 before promptly dropping off the map due to its members being roped into other acts and projects (most notably Andrew W.K. and Jackass, among others). But after keeping the old moniker on the shelf, vox/guitarist Erik Payne and bassist Gregg Roberts decided recently to pull it down and blow off the heavy layers of accumulated dust from Intoxicated.

With the impending, August 28th release of their Walled EP, Intoxicated are officially returning after twenty-three years to a world much readier and more willing to embrace their thrashing, death-graced goodness (honestly, in hindsight, 1997 wasn’t the best year to release a thrash album, eh?). Featuring six brand-new thrash n’ death compositions, Walled is a banger of an EP that is also an excellent reintroduction of Intoxicated to the metal world, so don’t miss out! Rating: 89 / 100 (B+)

· Vital Spirit

Home: Vancouver, British Columbia CAN

EP: In the Faith That Looks Through Death

Date: August 28th, 2020 (Hidden Tribe Records)

Genre: Pagan/Folk Black

FFO: Wormwitch, Seer, Drudkh, Winterfylleth, The Ruins of Beverast

Coalescing out of the mists between Vancouver's Wormwitch and Seer are Vital Spirit, whose debut EP In the Faith That Looks Through Death drops tomorrow from Hidden Tribe Records. Formed by members representing both aforementioned acts, Vital Spirit displays influential aspects of everything from Native American, Mexican, and Mayan lore, third-wave black metal à la Drudkh and Taake, and the proliferated style of folky, atmospheric airs all to awe-inspiring effect upon their debut EP.

In the Faith That Looks Through Death contains four exploratory tracks displaying an obvious fusion of sound and styling between Wormwitch and Seer, sure, but the differences that set this act apart from their predecessors are what transform this mere collaborative experiment into something special. Refined yet raw, thoughtful yet instinctive, Vital Spirit’s initial offering stands on its own as a conspicuous and captivating groundwork release. Great shit. Rating: 93 / 100 (A-)

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