Hated One Metal Reviews' "The Best Fifty Albums of 2019"

The best, the tops, “the cream of the crop”, here are the Hated One Metal Reviews & Interviews “Best Fifty Albums of 2019”!

Consisting of genres, subgenres, and nations from across the metal universe, these fifty stellar offerings represent some of the finest metal released from January 1st to December 31st of this year. While it is impossible to hear every album released, this list is handpicked from well over two-thousand albums that were heard or sampled by Hated One Metal Reviews & Interviews in 2019!

So, without further ado, enjoy the list, and don’t forget, every band’s name is a link to music from the album, so if you’re not familiar or are curious, just click and listen! Here’s wishing all of you out there a very Happy New Year! \m/

#1. CATTLE DECAPITATIONDeath Atlas (Metal Blade Records; Extreme Melodic Death; San Diego, California, USA)

#2. OBSEQUIAEThe Palms of Sorrowed Kings (20 Buck Spin; Atmospheric/Medieval Black; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

#3. VUKARIAevum (Vendetta Records; Atmospheric Black; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#4. FAÇADEThe Eternal Dance (Independent; Doom/Post; Dordrecht, Netherlands, EUR)

#5. BEWITCHERUnder the Witching Cross (Shadow Kingdom Records; Blackened Thrash; Portland, Oregon, USA)

#6. IAPETUSThe Body Cosmic (Independent; Progressive/Melodic Death; Long Island, New York, USA)

#7. CRUSADISTThe Unholy Grail (Independent; Melodic Death; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#8. EARTH AND PILLARSEarth II (Avantgarde Music; Atmospheric Black; Italy, EUR)

#9. HELLEBORUSSaprophytic Divinations (Redefining Darkness Records; Melodic Black; Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA)

#10. FROSTHELMPyrrhic (Revenger Records; Blackened Thrash; Minot, North Dakota, USA)

11. PinewalkerMigration (Independent; Stoner/Sludge; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

12. EluveitieAtegnatos (Nuclear Blast; Folk Metal; Zürich, Switzerland, EUR)

13. Immortal BirdThrive on Neglect (20 Buck Spin; Blackened Sludge; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

14. Sadistic RitualVisionaire of Death (Unspeakable Axe Records; Blackened Thrash; Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

15. WarsenalFeast Your Eyes (Svart Records; Thrash/Speed; Montreal, Quebec, CAN)

16. WarforgedI: Voice (The Artisan Era; Progressive/Blackened Death; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

17. CandlemassThe Door to Doom (Napalm Records; Classic Doom; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

18. TaiwazThe Uninvited Guest (Psykofarmaka Records; Classic Doom; Uppsala, Sweden, EUR)

19. AsagraumDawn of Infinite Fire (Edged Circle Productions; Modern Black; Netherlands, EUR)

20. AbnormalitySociopathic Constructs (Metal Blade Records; Technical Death; Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA)

21. Death AngelHumanicide (Nuclear Blast; Classic Thrash; San Francisco, California, USA)

22. RaptvreMonuments of Bitterness (Independent; Modern Black/Blackened Death; Cologne, Germany, EUR)

23. Skeletal PrisonCondemned to Flesh (Independent; Deathrash; Rockford, Illinois, USA)

24. RhodiumSea of the Dead (Sliptrick Records; Progressive Power Metal; Athens, Greece, EUR)

25. Casket HufferFilth Oroborus (Hibernation Release Records; Extreme Blackened Death; Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA)

26. Mist of MiseryUnalterable (Black Lion Records; Melodic Black; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

27. KarmatikUnlimited Energy (Independent; Progressive Death; Quebec City, Quebec, CAN)

28. SingularityPlace of Chains (The Artisan Era; Symphonic Death; Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

29. Canyon of the SkullSins of the Past (Independent; Instrumental Doom; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

30. ExumerHostile Defiance (Metal Blade Records; Classic Thrash; Frankfurt, Germany, EUR)

31. AbominismAbominism (Independent; Extreme Blackened Death; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

32. Unfathomable RuinationEnraged and Unbound (Willowtip Records; Technical Death; London, United Kingdom, EUR)

33. Tragediens TroneTragediens Trone (Osmose Productions; Modern Black; Brekstad, Norway, EUR)

34. White WardLove Exchange Failure (Debemur Morti Productions; Atmospheric/Ambient Black; Odessa, Ukraine, EUR)

35. GohrgoneIn Oculis (Independent; Blackened Death; Paris, France, EUR)

36. Wells ValleyReconcile the Antimony (Black Lion Records; Blackened Sludge/Doom; Portland, Oregon, EUR)

37. Bleeding UtopiaWhere the Light Comes to Die (Black Lion Records; Melodic Death; Västerås, Sweden, EUR)

38. Spirit AdriftDivided by Darkness (20 Buck Spin; Stoner/Sludge; Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

39. Black SitesExile (Hoove Child Records; Progressive Metal; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

40. MortiferumDisgorged from Psychotic Depths (Profound Lore Records; Blackened Doom n’ Death; Olympia, Washington, USA)

41. GoatessBlood & Wine (Svart Records; Stoner/Doom; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

42. The BleedingMorbid Prophecy (World War Now Records; Classic Death; London, United Kingdom, EUR)

43. CellAncient Incantations of Xarbos (Independent; “Cosmic Black Metal”; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN)

44. Nefarious DuskThe Wanderer of the Cold North (Purity Through Fire; Modern Black; Cumbria, United Kingdom, EUR)

45. EquipoiseDemiurgus (The Artisan Era; Technical Death; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

46. Inter ArmaSulphur English (Relapse Records; Blackened Sludge; Richmond, Virginia, USA)

47. DeivosCasus Belli (Selfmadegod Records; Technical Death; Lublin, Poland, EUR)

48. Sleeping AncientThere is No Truth but Death (Viridian Flame Records; Atmospheric Black; Houston, Texas, USA)

49. DepressedBeyond the Putrid Fiction (Black Lion Records; Classic/Melodic Death; Sao Paulo, Brazil, SA)

50. WraithAbsolute Power (Redefining Darkness Records; Thrash/Speed; Northwest Indiana, USA)


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