Hated One Metal Reviews' "The Best of 2019" Lists

(Please remember that throughout this entire article, each band’s name is a link to music from the listed album, so if you’re curious, click away and listen immediately! Enjoy, and thanks for reading! \m/)

Thrash metal, speed metal, crossover, horror punk - there are many ways to say it and do it, but all in all, it’s fast, it’s loud, and has been the hard-burning, forever-youthfully beating heart of metal since its earliest days. Old acts long lost and forgotten are being rediscovered by new generations, and the recent resurgence in thrash and speed is proof positive that the genre is still alive, still well, and still kicking (you right in the face)!

#1. BEWITCHERUnder the Witching Cross (Shadow Kingdom Records; Blackened Thrash; Portland, Oregon, USA)

#2. FrosthelmPyrrhic (Revenger Records; Blackened Thrash; Minot, North Dakota, USA)

#3. Sadistic RitualVisionaire of Death (Unspeakable Axe Records; Blackened Thrash; Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

#4. WarsenalFeast Your Eyes (Svart Records; Thrash/Speed; Montreal, Quebec, CAN)

#5. Death AngelHumanicide (Nuclear Blast; Classic Thrash; San Francisco, California, USA)

#6. ExumerHostile Defiance (Metal Blade Records; Classic Thrash; Frankfurt, Germany, EUR)

#7. WraithAbsolute Power (Redefining Darkness Records; Thrash/Speed; Northwest Indiana, USA)

#8. ToxikullCursed and Punished (Metal on Metal Records; Thrash/NWOTHM; Lisbon, Portugal, EUR)

#9. DizastraElder Sun (Independent; Classic Thrash; Montreal, Quebec, CAN)

#10. AlgebraPulse? (Unspeakable Axe Records; Progressive Thrash; Lausanne, Switzerland, EUR)

11. Aggressive PerfectorHavoc at the Midnight Hour (Dying Victims Productions; Thrash/Speed; Manchester, United Kingdom, EUR)

12. Sins of the DamnedStriking the Bell of Death (Shadow Kingdom Records; Speed; Santiago, Chile, SA)

13. OverkillThe Wings of War (Nuclear Blast; Classic Thrash; Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, USA)

14. Br00tal BeefcakeBased on True Events (Independent; Classic Thrash; Detroit, Michigan, USA)

15. VaultwraithLight the Candle in Honour of Devils (Hell’s Headbanger Records; Thrash n’ Death; Springfield, Missouri, USA)

16. ExcuseProphets from the Occultic Cosmos (Shadow Kingdom Records; Blackened Thrash; Helsinki, Finland, EUR)

17. Toxic HolocaustPrimitive Future: 2019 (eOne Heavy; Classic/Blackened Thrash; Portland, Oregon, USA)

18. WeresquatchThe Maddening Memoirs (Independent; Classic Thrash; Portland, Oregon, USA)

19. DestructionBorn to Perish (Nuclear Blast; Classic Thrash; Weil am Rhein, Germany, EUR)

20. BarbarianTo No God Shall I Kneel (Hell’s Headbanger Records; Thrash n’ Death; Florence, Italy, EUR)

Born in Tampa, Florida in the 1980’s and globally dispersed faster than a plague on wings, death metal is the sturdy backbone that keeps the community standing strong and firm. By far, the most submissions and promotional albums received in 2019 at Hated One Metal Reviews & Interviews were of the death metal variety; and it shows just how essential the genre has become to metal overall. No matter if it is extreme, blackened, melodic, progressive, technical, mixed with thrash, or classically done in a gritty, grimy style, death metal is the "meat and potatoes" of heavy metal around the world!

#1. CATTLE DECAPITATIONDeath Atlas (Metal Blade Records; Extreme Melodic Death; San Diego, California, USA)

#2. IapetusThe Body Cosmic (Independent; Progressive/Melodic Death; Long Island, New York, USA)

#3. CrusadistThe Unholy Grail (Independent; Melodic Death; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#4. WarforgedI: Voice (The Artisan Era; Progressive/Blackened Death; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#5. AbnormalitySociopathic Constructs (Metal Blade Records; Technical Death; Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA)

#6. Skeletal PrisonCondemned to Flesh (Independent; Deathrash; Rockford, Illinois, USA)

#7. Casket HufferFilth Oroborus (Hibernation Release Records; Extreme Blackened Death; Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA)

#8. KarmatikUnlimited Energy (Independent; Progressive Death; Quebec City, Quebec, CAN)

#9. SingularityPlace of Chains (The Artisan Era; Symphonic/Melodic Death; Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

#10. AbominismAbominism (Independent; Extreme Blackened Death; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

11. Unfathomable RuinationEnraged and Unbound (Willowtip Records; Technical Death; London, United Kingdom, EUR)

12. GohrgoneIn Oculis (Independent; Blackened Death; Paris, France, EUR)

13. Bleeding UtopiaWhere the Light Comes to Die (Black Lion Records; Melodic Death; Västerås, Sweden, EUR)

14. The BleedingMorbid Prophecy (World War Now Records; Classic Death; London, United Kingdom, EUR)

15. EquipoiseDemiurgus (The Artisan Era; Technical Death; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

16. DeivosCasus Belli (Selfmadegod Records; Technical Death; Lublin, Poland, EUR)

17. DepressedBeyond the Putrid Fiction (Black Lion Records; Classic/Melodic Death; Sao Paulo, Brazil, SA)

18. GatecreeperDeserted (Relapse Records; Blackened/Classic Death; Tucson, Arizona, USA)

19. WrvthNo Rising Sun (Unique Leader Records; Atmospheric/Progressive Death; San Jose, California, USA)

20. BethledeignIconography of Suffering (Edgewood Arsenal Records; Blackened Death; Centreville, Virginia, USA)

From the cold, bleak Scandinavian lands to what is now a worldwide phenomenon, black metal – in all its depressive, Satanic, nihilistic glory and controversy – represents all that is darkest, dreariest, dreamiest, and most demonically disturbing about metal…and that’s why we love it so! But black metal isn’t just corpse-paint and psalms to the apocalypse anymore. Nay! These days, black metal is as diverse and heterogeneous as Lovecraft's landscapes, so whether you prefer yours classic, modern, atmospheric, or even “cosmic”, chances are there’s a black metal band tailor-made for your ears on this list!

#1. OBSEQUIAEThe Palms of Sorrowed Kings (20 Buck Spin; Atmospheric/Medieval Black; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

#2. VukariAevum (Vendetta Records; Atmospheric Black; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#3. Earth and PillarsEarth II (Avantgarde Music; Atmospheric Black; Italy, EUR)

#4. HelleborusSaprophytic Divinations (Redefining Darkness Records; Melodic Black; Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA)

#5. AsagraumThe Dawn of Infinite Fire (Edged Circle Productions; Modern Black; Netherlands, EUR)

#6. RaptvreMonuments of Bitterness (The Crawling Chaos Records; Modern Black/Blackened Death; Cologne, Germany, EUR)

#7. Mist of MiseryUnalterable (Black Lion Records; Melodic Black; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

#8. Tragediens TroneTragediens Trone (Osmose Productions; Modern Black; Brekstad, Norway, EUR)

#9. White WardLove Exchange Failure (Debemur Morti Productions; Atmospheric/Ambient Black; Odessa, Ukraine, EUR)

#10. CellAncient Incantations of Xarbos (Independent; “Cosmic Black”; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN)

11. AvslutTyranni (Osmose Productions; Modern Black; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

12. Sleeping AncientThere is No Truth but Death (Viridian Flame Records; Atmospheric Black; Houston, Texas, USA)

13. Vortex of EndArdens Fvror (Osmose Productions; Melodic Black; Paris, France, EUR)

14. SlaughtbbathAlchemical Warfare (Hell’s Headbanger Records; Modern Black; San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Chile, SA)

15. KraterVenenare (Eisenwald; Modern Black; Nürnberg, Germany, EUR)

16. AegrusIn Manus Satanas (Saturnal Records; Modern Black; Kouvola, Finland, EUR)

17. Nefarious DuskThe Wanderer of the Cold North (Purity Through Fire; Modern Black; Cumbria, United Kingdom, EUR)

18. Nocturnes MistMarquis of Hell (Séance Records; Modern Black; Adelaide, South Australia, AUS)

19. Forlet SiresHoly (Cruel Bones; Atmospheric Black; Winterhur, Switzerland, EUR)

20. 1349The Infernal Pathway (Season of Mist; Modern Black; Oslo, Norway, EUR)

Slowed down, trudging on, fuzzed out, and maybe even higher than a giraffe’s ass, the wide and kaleidoscopic world of doom, sludge, stoner, and post metal is fraught with connections to the earliest days of metal’s creation. Literally plucking its genre name and overall sound from a song by the original metal band, Black Sabbath's "Hand of Doom", doom metal and it’s sludge, stoner, and post metal cousins have always been with us, and represent the very foundation of metal itself!

#1. FAÇADEThe Eternal Dance (Independent; Doom/Post; Dordrecht, Netherlands, EUR)

#2. PinewalkerMigration (Independent; Stoner/Sludge; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

#3. Immortal BirdThrive on Neglect (20 Buck Spin; Blackened Sludge; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#4. CandlemassThe Door to Doom (Napalm Records; Classic Doom; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

#5. TaiwazThe Uninvited Guest (Psykofarmaka Records; Classic Doom; Uppsala, Sweden, EUR)

#6. Canyon of the SkullSins of the Past (Independent; Instrumental Doom; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#7. Wells ValleyReconcile the Antimony (Black Lion Records; Blackened Doom/Sludge; Lisbon, Portugal, EUR)

#8. Spirit AdriftDivided by Darkness (20 Buck Spin; Stoner/Sludge; Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

#9. MortiferumDisgorged from Psychotic Depths (Profound Lore Records; Blackened Doom n’ Death; Olympia, Washington, USA)

#10. GoatessBlood and Wine (Svart Records; Stoner/Doom; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

11. Inter ArmaSulphur English (Relapse Records; Blackened Sludge/Doom; Richmond, Virginia, USA)

12. Lord DyingMysterium Tremendum (eOne Heavy; Sludge; Portland, Oregon, USA)

13. SeerVol. 6 (Artoffact Records; Melodic Sludge/Doom; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN)

14. OrodruinRuins of Eternity (Cruz Del Sur Music; Stoner/Psychedelic Doom; Rochester, New York, USA)

15. Lord MantisUniversal Death Church (Profound Lore Records; Blackened Sludge; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

16. PelicanNighttime Stories (Southern Lord; Instrumental Post; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

17. AlcestSpiritual Instinct (Nuclear Blast; Melodic Post; Paris, France, EUR)

18. NovaruptaDisillusioned Fire (Suicide Records; Blackened Sludge/Doom; Gothenburg, Sweden, EUR)

19. EdellomSirens (Another Side Records; Gothic Doom; Israel, Middle East, ASIA)

20. VarahaA Passage for Lost Years (Prosthetic Records; Melodic Post; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Folk, power, groove, and the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal; grindcore and goregrind, progressive and melodic metal with no solid ties to black, thrash, or death in particular…where else to rank these peripheral subgenres but altogether in the “Other” category, right? Taking the road less traveled isn’t always the easiest way, but for some, it is the only way!

#1. ELUVEITIEAtegnatos (Nuclear Blast; Folk/Celtic Metal; Zürich, Switzerland, EUR)

#2. RhodiumSea of the Dead (Sliptrick Records; Progressive Power Metal; Athens, Greece, EUR)

#3. Black SitesExile (Hoove Child Records; Progressive/Melodic Metal; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#4. CemicanIn Ohtli Teoyohtica In Miquiztli (M-Theory Audio; Folk Metal; Guadalajara, Mexico)

#5. Suidakra Echoes of Yore (Napalm Records; Folk/Celtic Metal; Düsseldorf, Germany, EUR)

#6. ExhumedHorror (Relapse Records; Grindcore/Goregrind; San Jose, California, USA)

#7. ApotheusThe Far Star (Black Lion Records; Progressive/Melodic Metal; Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, EUR)

#8. Black PassageThe Veil (Independent; Progressive/Melodic Metal; San Francisco, California, USA)

#9. DegenerateDevastation Ahead (Independent; Groove Metal; Amsterdam, Netherlands, EUR)

#10. BorknagarTrue North (Century Media Records; Melodic/Progressive Folk Metal; Bergen, Norway, EUR)

11. Savage MasterMyth, Magic and Steel (Shadow Kingdom Records; NWOTHM; Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

12. The Night WatchAn Embarrassment of Riches (Anamnesis Arts; Instrumental Progressive Folk Metal; Ottawa, Ontario, CAN)

13. EnforcerZenith (Nuclear Blast; NWOTHM; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

14. ExhorderMourn the Southern Skies (Nuclear Blast; Groove Metal; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

15. Extraction PointPurification Through Hatred (Independent; Groove Metal; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Just starting out and need to spread the word quickly about your act? Record and release a demo or an EP! Got to keep your audiences fed with fresh releases and a full album just isn’t in the cards yet, but you’ve still got a few new songs cooked up? Then feed that voracious appetite of your fans with an EP! Seriously though, the demo/EP has been the proverbial match that has either lit the initial fire or has kept the flame burning for bands since the dawn of rock and roll, and things are no different today than they were back then. Here are some of the best demos and EP’s to be released this year from all over the globe!

#1. THE ELDRITCH GRIMOIREPrologue EP (Independent; Melodic Death; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

#2. Tragic DeathBorn of Dying Embers EP (Independent; Atmospheric Black; Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

#3. VaderThy Messenger EP (Nuclear Blast; Deathrash; Olsztyn, Poland, EUR)

#4. Seventh CircleCycle of Violence DEMO (Caligari Records; Blackened Doom n’ Death; Santa Barbara, California, USA)

#5. Suffering HourDwell EP (Blood Harvest Records; Dissonant Black; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

#6. GalaxyLost from the Start EP (Dying Victims Productions; NWOTHM; Melbourne, Victoria, AUS)

#7. BatAxetasy EP (Hell’s Headbangers Records; Speed/Thrash; Richmond, Virginia, USA)

#8. FlamekeeperWe Who Light the Fire EP (Invictus Productions; NWOTHM/“Epic Heavy Metal”; Stockholm, Sweden, EUR)

#9. GlosonMara EP (Black Lion Records; Sludge/Post-Metal; Halmstad, Sweden, EUR)

#10. CarnifliateDisgusting Festivities EP (Independent; Grindcore/Slam; Velenje, Slovenia, EUR)

11. Hate ManifestoHerald of Triumph EP (Regain Records; Blackened Death; Athens, Greece, EUR)

12. Tides CultYour Memory Has Tarnished This Beautiful Place EP (Independent; Black/Blackened Hardcore; Chicago, Illinois, USA)

13. Sati666Immolation EP (Independent; Melodic Death, Germany, EUR)

14. PhobophilicUndimensioned Identities EP (Blood Harvest Records; Blackened Death; Fargo, North Dakota, USA)

15. AbeyancePortraits of Mankind EP (Sliptrick Records; Melodic Death; Milan, Italy, EUR)

16. Ashen HordeTintregen EP (Mandol Records; Blackened Death; Hollywood, California, USA)

17. AngelblastRotting Paradise EP (Edged Circle Productions; Classic Death; Sweden, EUR)

18. SabotageThe Order of Genocide EP (Independent; Thrash; Mumbai, India, ASIA)

19. Vale of PnathAccursed EP (Willowtip Records; Blackened Technical Death; Denver, Colorado, USA)

20. PlaguewielderSuffering from Self-Inflicted Wounds EP (Independent; Blackened Sludge; Steubenville, Ohio, USA)

All metal journalists come from somewhere, and all metal sites have a home base, so all metal journalists know their own backyards better than anywhere. As it is, Hated One Metal Reviews & Interviews is based just outside one of the largest cities in the United States; the global capital of doom, sludge, and post metal; “The Windy City”, Chicago, Illinois (that’s pronounced “ill-ih-NOY”, never “ill-ih-NOISE”, thank you!)! The musical tradition here in The Big Windy is deep, celebrated, and multifarious, though, so it should not surprise anyone that the following list represents metal from all over the genre spectrum. We may be the official home of doom, yes, but we certainly are not limited to it, please believe!

#1. VUKARI – ­Aevum (Vendetta Records; Atmospheric Black)

#2. The Eldritch GrimoirePrologue EP (Independent; Melodic Death)

#3. CrusadistThe Unholy Grail (Independent; Melodic Death)

#4. Immortal BirdThrive on Neglect (20 Buck Spin; Blackened Sludge)

#5. WarforgedI: Voice (The Artisan Era; Progressive/Blackened Death)

#6. Canyon of the SkullSins of the Past (Independent; Instrumental Doom)

#7. Black SitesExile (Hoove Child Records; Progressive/Melodic Metal)

#8. Tides CultYour Memory Has Tarnished This Beautiful Place EP (Independent; Black/Blackened Hardcore)

#9. Lord MantisUniversal Death Church (Profound Lore Records; Blackened Sludge)

#10. Blood of the WolfIII: Blood Legend EP (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; Blackened Death)

11. PelicanNighttime Stories (Southern Lord; Instrumental Post Metal)

12. Act of DestructionBeyond Eternity EP (Independent; Melodic Death)

13. CianideUnhumanized EP (Hell’s Headbangers Records; Blackened Death)

14. EverdyingBlack Acid Soul EP (Independent; Melodic Death)

15. BonesDiseased (Transcending Obscurity Records; Death Crust)

16. VarahaA Passage for Lost Years (Prosthetic Records; Post Metal)

17. Snow BurialOstrava (Prosthetic Records; Sludge/Post Metal)

18. VoimatonDemo 2019 (Blood Harvest Records; Classic Death)

19. NucleusEntity (Unspeakable Axe Records; Extreme Progressive Death)

20. Extraction PointPurification Through Hatred (Independent; Groove Metal)

And that’s it for “The Best of 2019” lists, venerated readers, but that’s certainly not all of “The Best of 2019”! Not by a longshot! Please be sure to also check out the overall “Best Fifty Albums of 2019” as rated by Hated One Metal Reviews & Interviews by clicking here!

More interviews (first one of 2019 will post before New Year's Eve, guaranteed!), plenty more reviews, more “6 Bands You May Not Know, But Should” pieces, more new ideas, and of course, more great, new metal is coming in the New Year, so stick around, visit often, and see you in 2020! Thanks for reading, and stay metal, always! \m/ \m/


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