Hated One's Top 20 Singles of 2020

Designated as singles by the band, the label, radio play, or an official video release (yes, lyric videos and visualizers count as official if they’re put out by the bands or their labels!), these twenty tunes from albums released this year were blaring constantly from the speakers around Hated One HQ in 2020.

Haven’t heard it yet? Conveniently, videos are provided so please enjoy Hated One’s Top 20 Singles of 2020!

#1. Judicator“Let There Be Light”

From Let There Be Nothing (7/24/20, Prosthetic Records)

#2. Countless Skies – “Zephyr”

From Glow (11/6/20, Willowtip Records)

#3. Midnight – “Fucking Speed & Darkness”

From Rebirth by Blasphemy (1/24/20, Metal Blade Records)

#4. Elden – “Sail & Savour”

From Nostromo (1/24/20, Fuzzorama Records)

#5. Testament – “Children of the Next Level”

From Titans of Creation (4/3/20, Nuclear Blast)

#6. Carrion Vael – “Inception”

From God Killer (6/26/20, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

#7. Neck of the Woods – “The Annex of Ire”

From The Annex of Ire (3/20/20, Pelagic Records)

#8. Stoned God – “Glowworms”

From Incorporeal (2/6/20, Independent)

#9. Descend – “Lily”

From The Deviant (6/26/20, Aftermath Music)

#10. Serene Dark – “Of Serpentine Form”

From Enantiodromia (7/17/20, Independent)

#11. Hellripper – “Vampire’s Grave”

From The Affair of the Poisons (10/9/20, Peaceville Records)

#12. Psycroptic – “The Watcher of All”

From The Watcher of All EP (11/27/20, Prosthetic Records)

#13. Theotoxin – “Golden Tomb”

From Fragment: Erhabenheit (9/11/20, AOP Records)

#14. Wolftooth – “Firebreather”

From Valhalla (5/22/20, Ripple Music)

#15. The Room Colored Charlatan – “Vertebrae”

From The Mandate EP (9/25/20, Independent)

#16. Inferi – “Aeons Torn”

From the Of Sunless Realms EP (10/9/20, The Artisan Era)

#17. Lutharö – “Wings of Agony”

From the Wings of Agony EP (3/27/20, Independent)

#18. Macabre – “The Lake of Fire”

From Carnival of Serial Killers (11/13/20, Nuclear Blast)

#19. Cryptic Shift – “Arctic Chasm”

From Visitations from Enceladus (5/4/20, Blood Harvest Records)

#20. Burning Witches – “Dance with the Devil”

From Dance with the Devil (3/6/20, Nuclear Blast)


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