Review of Angelus Apatrida - "Angelus Apatrida"

For over twenty years now, Albacete, Spain’s thrash mainstays Angelus Apatrida have steadily built their name, respect, and repute through relentlessly assaulting their ever-growing fanbase with killer releases, tours, and shows.

Heavily influenced by illustrious, genre-defining giants such as Testament and Death Angel, Angelus Apatrida’s own powerful influence now extends to every corner of the globe, too, just like the legendary acts who inspired them. Not bad for four lads from a small Spanish town less than half the size of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Oh, and they are still the same four lads who founded the band way back in 2000, too. Indeed, Angelus Apatrida have rolled with the same lineup since their formation, and if you don’t think that remaining tight as a group for over twenty years means much, then do yourself a favor, reach between your legs, and yank your head from your ass because you’re dead fucking wrong!

Not unlike like a veteran squad of athletes who’ve played as teammates for years would say that they always know where each other are without even having to look, so it is that musicians who play together for extended periods of time naturally form an instinctual, telepathic bond that is rarely recreated without putting in the years of dedication and diligence - just as José, Victor, Guillermo, and David in Angelus Apatrida have done.

Consequently, this same chemistry that these four musicians have formed over the past two decades is on prominent display once again upon Angelus Apatrida’s latest, greatest, self-titled seventh LP, Angelus Apatrida.

Released a week ago, February 5th, on Century Media Records, this latest assemblage of ten rousing new cuts is a monumentally fantastic effort from these Spanish thrash masters. Rip-roaring, ruthless, and highly refined, Angelus Apatrida presents as a near-perfect distillation of thrash metal’s essence: raw, unabashed intensity, from start to fucking finish.

Handsomely produced, chockfull of expertly executed thrash metal compositions, and ceaselessly intense, Angelus Apatrida by the band of the same name is yet another masterpiece delivered by this now veteran status fourpiece. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing any of the newest, self-titled goodness from Angelus Apatrida yet, don’t fret! Hated One has got you covered!

Simply press play below to peep the official video for the merciless opener on Angelus Apatrida, “Indoctrinate”, and be sure to hit up your slowly reawakening local music shops to grab yourself a copy if you’re able! Otherwise, follow the links provided below the video to order online, and stay metal! \m/

Rating: 97 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: February 5th, 2021 (Century Media Records)

Genre: Thrash Metal

FFO: Testament, Death Angel, Sacred Reich, Lazarus A.D., Crisix, Savage Messiah, thrash-era Ultra-Violence, Toxikull

Angelus Apatrida Links: Home, Facebook, Instagram


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