Review of Archspire - "Bleed the Future"

Since the earliest days of Hated One’s journalism career, Vancouver, B.C.’s tech death juggernauts Archspire have been dropping the jaws and boggling the minds of metal lovers all over the world.

Inconceivably breakneck, mercilessly unrelenting, and heavier than the Great Pyramid of Giza, Hated One has been covering this phenomenal Canadian quintet since their 2014 breakout debut with Season of Mist, The Lucid Collective, and ever since, Archspire have done nothing more than establish themselves as one of the most incredibly intense bands on the planet.

Sustaining ourselves for the past few years on The Lucid Collective and 2017’s phenomenal follow-up Relentless Mutation, Archspire fans were more than overjoyed to hear in the earliest days of 2021 that the band had sequestered themselves in the studio once again to lay down their third LP with Season of Mist, Bleed the Future.

Released this past Friday, Bleed the Future contains another thirty-two-minute banquet of everything that Archspire fans have come to know, love, and expect from these five astonishing musicians: intensity, virtuosity, and some of the most technically bewildering compositions you’ve ever heard in your life.

Right from the get-go, the opening track “Drone Corpse Aviator” reminds you just who in the fuck you’re listening to with a severe smack in the mouth of Archspire’s trademarked taste, but it is with the second track, “Golden Mouth of Ruin”, that these Canadian speed demons truly take off into another dimension of overwhelming ferocity.

Upon entering the meaty middle of this astounding release, tracks such as “Bleed the Future”, “Drain of Incarnation” (Hated One’s favorite), and “Acrid Canon” provide highlight after highlight, and with a final kick in the ass from the closer “A.U.M.”, Bleed the Future solidly establishes itself as yet another opus-like album to be issued from Archspire.

In all honesty, though, words cannot truly summarize just how amazingly extraordinary these guys are, so to check out the official video for "The Golden Mouth of Ruin" from Archspire’s Bleed the Future, simply press play below, and if you’re digging what you’re hearing and experiencing, be sure to follow the links provided at the bottom of the page to support the band further! \m/

Rating: 99 / 100 (A++)

Release Date: October 29th, 2021

Genre: Extreme Technical Death

FFO: Suffocation, Origin, Psycroptic, Gorod, Soreption, The Zenith Passage, First Fragment, Inferi, Reaping Asmodeia

Archspire Links: Facebook, Instagram, Season of Mist Webstore


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