Review of Aronious - "Perspicacity"

Green Bay, Wisconsin: Home to the Packers NFL team, pride of the town, as it is wholly owned by residents and fans, and also home to…um…you’ll have to excuse the quick trip to Google, even after living there for a short while many years ago, not a whole hell of a lot sticks out other than the Ashwaubenon Mall, and that’s not really worth mentioning, is it? No. Alright, let’s see here, ah yes, Green Bay is also home to the National Railroad Museum, St. Norbert College, and the Oneida Casino, owned and operated by the local Oneida tribe, whose reservation is not far outside of town.

Seriously, though, if you’ve ever visited Green Bay, then you know how small of a town it truly is, and just how utterly shocking it is that they even have a professional American football team. If you’re driving from the aforementioned mall towards Lambeau Field, look out to your left, and it is suburban house, suburban house, suburban house, fence, Lambeau Field. No joke. There really isn’t a whole lot to do if you’re into the darker side of life, as there are very few clubs or bars that are privy to the metal lifestyle or otherwise, and the overwhelming feeling you get driving around is one of “Small Town America”. Still, sometimes the finest metal can come from the most unexpected places.

Case in point, Green Bay’s tech death not-so-newcomers, Aronious, who’s debut full-length, Perspicacity, has been officially released as of Friday, March 13th on The Artisan Era. Formed in 2011, Aronious have been slowly and carefully honing their craft, not focusing so much on releases as songcraft (Aronious’s only other official release prior to Perspicacity was 2014’s Truth in Perception, an independently released “EP” that clocked in at well over forty minutes, so honestly, it was more of a full-length than an EP), and not on quantity so much as quality.

And speaking of quality, Perspicacity is some amazing shit. Unrelenting, unabashed, and completely mind-blowing, it is easy to tell that six years-worth of blood, sweat, trials, and turmoil went into the composition and execution of this stunning album. Technically remarkable, progressively pointed, brutally beautiful, and perfectly produced for their sound, Perspicacity (meaning “having a ready insight”) is thirteen tracks of technical death metal excellence. Not one song is weak in any way. Not a one. From supernal start to crushing finish, this album is all killer, no filler.

Perspicacity should put Aronious on the national map, and if not, then it would be an outright travesty, because this is some absolutely top-flight music that should not be passed over by the metal masses, no matter the excuse. This fantastic album is available now, and with the world going into its plague shut down for at least the next few weeks, what better way to support metal artists than by purchasing their albums and merch? The answer is that there isn't any. So do your metal duty and grab a copy of Perspicacity today!

Press play below to check out Perspicacity in its entirety and follow the provided links below to visit Aronious on the web! Nunc Dimmitis.\m/

Rating: 9.75 / 10

Release Date: March 13th, 2020 (The Artisan Era)

Influences and Contemporaries: Spawn of Possession, Psycroptic, Soreption, Inanimate Existence, Inferi, Equipoise, First Fragment, Symbolik

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