Review of Banisher - "Degrees of Isolation"

Writing this piece is a study in déjà vu, as the band is Polish, has been kicking around for well over a decade, and has been slowly building their international fanbase with years of dedicated writing, recording, and touring. Sound familiar? Nay, it is not Blaze of Perdition, about whom the last full review to post here at Hated One Metal Reviews was dedicated, but instead this time around our spotlight has fallen upon Blaze of Perdition’s fellow countrymen in the extreme technical death outfit of Banisher.

Giving it their all since 2005, Rzeszów, Poland’s Banisher has endured over a decade of relative international anonymity while they’ve honed their craft, put out release after release, and faithfully believed that one day their name might hold as much weight as some of their more famed Polish brethren in acts such as Decapitated, Behemoth, or Vader, to name a few.

Well, Banisher’s long wait for true international acclaim and success may finally be over. With the impending release of Degrees of Isolation on Selfmadegod Records, Banisher will bring forth an album worthy of all the praise, compliments, and adulation that it will undoubtedly be receiving in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Bursting at the seams with seasoned, sensational compositions that jump right out of the speakers, Degrees of Isolation is the fourth studio album from the Polish death quartet; and it is hands-down their finest work to date. Punishing, pummeling, and pulverizing, every track on Degrees of Isolation stands on its own, but taken as a whole, Banisher have achieved their magnum opus with this smashing release; and this could (and should) mean nothing but great things moving forward for this long-tenured act.

As aforementioned, every track on Degrees of Isolation is all killer and no filler (save one short interlude), but some of the best of the best includes the rip-roaring opener “Actors and Accomplices”, the cumbrous “Devil in ISO-5”, the eight-minute stunner “Lockdown”, and the enthralling closer, “Echoes”.

Officially available Friday, February 29th, Banisher’s Degrees of Isolation is one of the heaviest and most addictive releases of early 2020, so don’t miss out on this killer release, and grab your own copy posthaste!

Check out some of the tunes from Degrees of Isolation by pressing play below now and be sure to visit Banisher on the web by checking the provided links! Enjoy! Nunc Dimmitis. \m/

Rating: 9.75 / 10

Release Date: February 29th, 2020 (Selfmadegod Records)

Influences and Contemporaries: Decapitated, Necrophagist, Arsis, Aborted, The Black Dahlia Murder, Soreption, Deivos, Symbolik

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