Review of Betrayal - "Disorder Remains"

Understandably, death metal and all its innumerable variants and subgenres can seem maddeningly confusticating to many of you out there. But every so often, an act may arise that has the potential to reenergize and re-simplify the progressive wing of the genre for us all through playing good, hearty, and easy to understand tunes that have that uncannily universal knack for making anyone with even a hint of love for death metal to bang their heads incessantly.

Subsequently, a hot German quartet from the Bavarian underground of Aschaffenburg, Germany armed with this very same enviable knack is ready to blast upon the scene like a nuclear conflagration.

Bearing the name of Betrayal and set to release their sophomore LP, Disorder Remains, on April 16th via Rising Nemesis Records, this preeminent act has laid down an album that ticks all the boxes for addictive, head-nod-inducing progressive death metal: It’s heavy, it’s melodically and technically brilliant – but not too melodic or technical – and above all, it is accessible.

Containing eleven new compositions plus an intro, Disorder Remains is stoically solid through and through. Always delivering the goods in terms of riffs, rhythms, and raucously well-timed vocals, this latest effort from Germany’s Betrayal is one monstrous proclamation to the world that these death veterans have arrived - and here to dole out killer death metal in droves.

Some of keenest cuts on this twelve-track stunner include the first single, “War”, its follow-up ripper “Ghost of Mind”, the driving and disconsolate “Devouring Nothingness”, and the melodically tinged title track, “Disorder Remains”.

So, to witness Betrayal’s official video for “War” off Disorder Remains, simply press play below... and if your head nods as much as Hated One’s has, then check the links at the bottom of this piece to support Betrayal further! Ω

Rating: 96 / 100 (A)

Release Date: April 16th, 2021

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

FFO: Arsis, Arch Enemy, Wretched, (early) Allegaeon, Pronostic, Symbolik, Voices of Ruin, Parius

Betrayal Links: Home, Facebook, Instagram, Rising Nemesis Records Webstore


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