Review of Bewitcher - "Cursed Be Thy Kingdom"

Rising fast and hot just like the newfound metal hotbed from whence they’ve sprung, Portland, Oregon’s blackened thrash and speed juggernauts Bewitcher are the most kick-ass band that you just may have never even heard of yet.

Initially formed as a side project in 2013 by vocalist/guitarist M. VonBewitcher and bassist A. Magus, Bewitcher instantly set the underground scene ablaze with a slew of demos and compilation appearances that featured their modern, profanatory take on the old-school, classic genre of thrash and speed metal.

After finally adding a live drummer in 2015 – and becoming a highly potent power trio in the process – Bewitcher hit the studio to record their self-titled debut LP (2016, Diabolic Might Records); and although Bewitcher didn’t cause any major international ripples at the time, its raw, unabashed riffage and the latent talent that it displayed proved to a Midwestern metal journalist known as Hated One that Bewitcher were a band to keep a close ear on.

A few years later, Bewitcher appeared anew with a vim and vigor that was unmatched in the thrash metal scene of 2019... or at least according to Hated One Metal Reviews, anyway. After teasing us all with the delectable Too Fast for the Flames single and merch line earlier that same year, Bewitcher released their sophomore LP, Under the Witching Cross (2019, Shadow Kingdom Records) to much fanfare and critical acclaim.

Just how much critical acclaim, you ask? Well, to say very little of the spreads and reviews in reputed, hardcopy metal mags and the Decibel Magazine full-album debut stream online, Under the Witching Cross additionally took home the title of “Best Thrash Metal Album of 2019” from none other than this very website, beating out fellow Portland natives Toxic Holocaust and Weresquatch, as well as respected veterans Death Angel and Overkill in the process!

Consequently, all that attention and praise from metal magazines, websites, and fans also gains bands attention and contract offers from larger, even more established metal labels... and wouldn’t you know it? That’s precisely what happened to Bewitcher!

Now signed to the prestigious Century Media Records roster, Bewitcher are returning on April 16th, 2021 to unleash their third full-length album upon the masses, Cursed Be Thy Kingdom, and the masses had better strap down the shutters and tell Katie to bar that motherfucking door, because Cursed Be Thy Kingdom is yet another dominating ripper from these Portland prodigies!

Purposefully unrefined, pointedly calamitous, and positively pernicious, Bewitcher’s Cursed Be Thy Kingdom begs, nay, imploringly pleads to be played at high volume. Starkly more mature than any previous Bewitcher fare known, Cursed Be Thy Kingdom contains ten tracks so stunning and sinfully habit-forming that listing all the best cuts would inherently then list nearly the entire album, so let us avoid that…

However, two songs are so fantastic that not listing them would somehow feel wrong as well, so, once Cursed Be Thy Kingdom is available to you all, be sure not to skip Hated One’s favorites, “Death Returns…” and “Electric Phantoms”, cool? Cool.

To check out the official video for the single “Mystifier (White Night City)” off Bewitcher’s Cursed Be Thy Kingdom, simply press play below and if you’re as hyped as Hated One, then you can preorder yourself a copy of this hot, hot shit by following the links provided below! \m/

Rating: 98 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: April 16th, 2021

Genre: Blackened Thrash/Speed

FFO: Venom, Motörhead, Toxic Holocaust, All Hell, Frosthelm, Demiser, Black Pestilence, Wraith

Bewitcher Links: Home, Facebook, Instagram, Century Media Webstore


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