Review of Beyond Deth - "Accept Your Fate"

Riding the razor's edge between blackened thrash and blackened death are Chicago’s Beyond Deth, who have been making Midwestern crowds bang their heads and raise up their horns (and beers) for around seven years now. Representing the blood, sweat, and all-too-familiar-lineup struggles of founder, vocalist/guitarist, and main man Jon Corston, Beyond Deth have gradually built their ironclad esteem through consistent, tight performances given gladly and often, and by never keeping their eager fans waiting around long for fresh releases and new material.

And speaking of new material, Beyond Deth have returned with their second full-length album in as many years, Accept Your Fate, due out June 13th, 2020. Featuring eight new, original compositions (plus an intro), Accept Your Fate appears to be another brick in the already strong foundation of Beyond Deth’s ever-growing house of discography.

Roaring right from the get-go and not ceasing until the album is done, Accept Your Fate unleashes a firestorm of vitriolic, thrashing compositions one after another after another. Seriously, ladies and germs, this shit is intense, and it just…doesn’t…quit. From the punitive opener “Live Again” to the fade-in of the closing title-track, not once do the killer riffs or rhythms relent on this spectacularly produced opus.

If hard-pressed to suggest the finest cuts on this phenomenal release, be sure not to skip “Infernal Dreams” (premiere video below), “Servants”, or Hated One’s favorite, “Kill the Weak”, but again, this whole album is top-notch material, so if you’ve got the time (and perhaps a burning desire to get your ass kicked by a brand new album full of out of this world metal), be sure to get Beyond Deth’s Accept Your Fate in your ears, ASAP!

Release Date: June 13th, 2020 (Vargheist Records)

Genre: Blackened Thrash n’ Death

Influences and Contemporaries: Sarcófago, Deströyer 666, Nifelheim, Possessed, Dismemberment, Frosthelm, Primeval Mass, Sadistic Ritual

Beyond Deth Links: Facebook, Instagram


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