Review of Black Rainbows - "Cosmic Ritual Supertrip"

Rome, Italy’s Black Rainbows have been laying down “supermothafuzzalicious” tunes for a decade and a half now, but did you know that? If not, then it is high time you get acquainted with the Italian high lords of stony, sludgy fuzz!

Often fusing elements of 90’s alternative with classic, Kyuss-style highway fuzz metal, Black Rainbows have returned with their seventh full-length studio album, Cosmic Ritual Supertrip. That’s right, seven full lengths since their inception in 2005, but unless you’ve been lucky enough to live in Europe for the past decade plus, chances are you’ve never even heard of this killer trio. Still, it seems as though the strength of the spectacular music on Black Rainbows’ latest album is finally starting to carry their tunes all the way around the globe, praise Beelzebub.

Cosmic Ritual Supertrip is twelve superbly fuzzed out tracks that swing, sway, rock, roll, tune in, and drop out. Reminiscent of a more psychedelic, metallic Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rainbows have managed to carve out their own unique sound in a genre where individuality as a band can be hard to achieve, and Cosmic Ritual Supertrip is the culmination of fifteen years of honing and perfecting that unique sound. Featuring killer vocals, oodles of tasty riffage and solos, and well above average songwriting throughout, Cosmic Ritual Supertrip is the magnum opus of all sludge metal so far this year, bar none.

Although this album is best listened to in its entirety, if you’re looking for some of the finest tracks, be sure not to skip over the opener “At Midnight You Cry”, the revved-up riff storm of “Master Rocket Power Blast”, and the highlight track of the album, “Radio 666”. But again, it is worth reiterating that Cosmic Ritual Supertrip is best enjoyed from start to finish, and if you can help it, don’t skip any of the tracks, because Black Rainbows are ready to take you on a psychedelic sonic trip of supercharged proportions!

Cosmic Ritual Supertrip by Black Rainbows is available now, so press play below to check out the tunes, and don’t forget to support the artists by purchasing their music and merch if you dig what you’ve read and are about to hear! \m/

Release Date: May 22nd, 2020 (Digital) / June 5th, 2020 (Physical) (Heavy Psych Sounds Records)

Influences and Contemporaries: Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Bison, Bongzilla, Elden, Hyborian, Spirit Adrift, Lord Dying

Black Rainbows Links: Home, Facebook, Instagram


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