Review of Bongzilla - "Weedsconsin"

Sixteen years is a long fucking time, ladies and germs. To put it in terms that anyone who’s lived at least that long can understand, the time it took for a newborn baby boy to grow into a young man who’s already legal to drive, to formulate his taste, grow his hair to his shoulders, and develop his own unique brand of teenage body odor is the same amount of time that elapsed between Bongzilla’s last two LP releases... Six. Teen. Years!

All the way back in September of 2005, as Hated One was getting to know his eight-month-old, second spawned son, Madison, Wisconsin stoner sludge veterans Bongzilla were simultaneously releasing their fourth full-length, Amerijuanican, on Relapse Records.

Though few knew so at the time, Amerijuanican would turn out to be last batch of fresh new buds, er, tunes to spring forth from the well-traveled Wisconsinites for over a decade and a half; but back then, metal fans everywhere were just happy to have another new album from this talented, THC-infused act, and as such, life rolled on. And on. And on and on and on.

As a couple compilations and even a box set commemorated Bongzilla’s supposed memory during the intervening years, nothing truly new from the band was to be heard... and as Hated One raised the eight-month-old from toddler to grade-schooler, and from there into pre-teen adolescence and beyond, it appeared Bongzilla were to remain nothing but a happy memory and that their catalogue of albums was quite clearly and officially closed.

However, like some dormant seed buried in the earth just waiting for the right conditions to germinate and sprout anew, Bongzilla have drunk deep of the life-giving waters again, reformed, and shall return soon to elevate the world once more with their fifth official full-length, Weedsconsin.

Appropriately due out on 4/20/2021 from Heavy Psych Sounds, and just like that once-infantile son with tons of potential that has blossomed into the fine young man of the present day that he is, Bongzilla’s Weedsconsin is like that long forgotten seed that’s somehow grown into a beautiful, flowering plant right under our noses... and looking back at the generation that’s flown by since the release of Amerijuanican, we ask ourselves in shock and awe, “How in the actual fuck did sixteen years pass by so goddamn fast?!”

Laying those years aside for now, though, Weedsconsin is one hell of an amazing comeback! Containing six new cuts that range from short, terse, and sludged out to long, winding, and stony, this revivalist effort from these reinvigorated weedians has everything a growing doom-head could want or need: It has sludge riffs for days, plenty of extended fuzzy solos and stoner jam-outs, and, of course and most importantly, a wealth of the classic metal methodologies that we’ve all come to know and love Bongzilla for. Truly, this album kicks some serious ass!

So on that note, be mindful not to skip “Free the Weed” (check the video below!), “Space Rock”, or the fifteen minute epic “Earth Bong/Smoked/Mag Bags” as you’re toking up on April 20th and enjoying your first spin of Bongzilla’s Weedsconsin... and if you manage not to spend all of your available funds on weed prior to the big day, be sure to procure yourself a preorder copy by clicking the links below, too. Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em, metal lovers, and light one up for the return of Bongzilla! Ω

Rating: 96 / 100 (A)

Release Date: April 20th, 2021

Genre: Stoner Sludge

FFO: Black Sabbath, Sleep, High on Fire, Weedeater, Melvins, Bongripper, Dopethrone, Yellowtooth, Shogun

Bongzilla Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Heavy Psych Sounds Webstore - USA


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