Review of Burning Witches - "Dance with the Devil"

All-female bands have always been considered something of a novelty in the worlds of rock and metal, and, much to the delight of the chauvinist society that we inherited from our backwards forebears, are rarely taken very seriously by the general populace. Every so often, though, a fully female act will emerge to remind us that rock n’ roll is truly for everyone. The Runaways in the 70’s, The Pandoras in the 80’s, the Lunachicks and L7 in the 90’s, Kittie in the 2000’s, and Asagraum in the 2010’s are just a few of the acts that managed to overcome the extra prejudicial obstacles placed before them and rise to international fame in their day; and in doing so helped pave the way for future feminine rock and metal acts to buck the system themselves.

Fast forward to 2020 and Brugg, Switzerland’s Burning Witches, the all-female power metal act whose latest release, Dance with the Devil, has them primed and ready for true international acclaim, just like the pioneering women who came before them. Formed in 2015, Burning Witches founding guitarist Romana Kalkuhl had long desired to write and perform metal with a group of likeminded women, so she set out to accomplish her goal. After a grueling selection process, the original quintet was formed, and the five ladies immediately set to work, releasing their first, self-titled full length within two years of coalescing.

Now, after five years of writing, recording, touring, gelling together as a group, and, most importantly, establishing themselves in all the right ways, Burning Witches are back with their third full-length, Dance with the Devil. Out now on the highly reputed Nuclear Blast, Dance with the Devil showcases everything that’s right with Burning Witches and their unique take on power and traditional heavy metal. Cumbrous, melodic, pacey, fantastically produced, and expertly composed and executed, Dance with the Devil is emphatically A-plus material throughout its twelve kick-ass tracks.

Consequently, as Dance with the Devil is a power metal album, all the hallmark melodic vocals, fast-paced riffs, and galloping rhythms are present, of course, but new vocalist Laura Geldemond (who joined the group last year) has brought an ethereal edge to her screams and growls that original vocalist Seraina Telli didn’t seem to possess as much, and it has only seemed to truly complete the sound of Burning Witches and to tie it all together with a finely polished bow.

Some of the choicest cuts on this remarkable album include “Lucid Nightmare”, the first single “Wings of Steel”, “Six Feet Underground”, and the driving, pounding swirl of “Necronomicon”, but in all honesty, this entire album is chock full of great music from start to finish, so it doesn’t matter which track you pick, just press play and enjoy the living fuck out of this killer release!

To check out the official video for the title track off Dance with the Devil from Burning Witches, press play below, and don’t forget to visit the band on the web by clicking the provided links below the video. Stay metal always, Nunc Dimmitis. \m/

Rating: 9.75 / 10

Release Date: March 6th, 2020 (Nuclear Blast)

Influences and Contemporaries: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, Huntress, Holy Grail, Paladin, Savage Messiah, Ironflame

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