Review of Carrion Vael - "God Killer"

Ah, The Hoosier State. Not exactly known for its wealth of exciting destinations, Indiana is a state steeped in agriculture, racing culture, and flat land. Lots and lots of flat land. You see, with all that level ground around and not a whole hell of a lot to do, racing cars becomes an inevitability; and so it is that Indiana’s capital city hosts one of the most famous annual auto races in the world, the Indianapolis 500. Five hundred miles of driving in one direction constantly, with only the occasional – and extremely brief – pit stop. And if you’ve ever had to drive across Indiana, that sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it?

Still, Indiana possesses some redeeming qualities: The Indiana Dunes, the vast fields of wind farms outside Indianapolis, Mishawaka’s great malls and outlet stores, and Carrion Vael!

You heard it correctly, folks, from the eastern border of this middle-American state, Richmond, Indiana’s Carrion Vael have burst forth from their agrarian womb to unleash their sophomore full-length, God Killer, upon an unsuspecting world – and the world had best prepare thyself, for the exceeding fury, wrath, and rancor of God Killer is almost upon thee.

Picked up prerelease for distribution by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and due out June 19th, 2020, Carrion Vael’s God Killer is extreme tech death par excellence. Seriously, when it comes to technical death metal in the year 2020, God Killer is going to be motherfucking hard to top! Containing eight superbly produced tracks that fully pummel and punish from start to finish, God Killer’s thirty-three minutes of musical acrimony are summarily some of the finest cuts of metal to be served up this year. Full stop.

Don’t believe Hated One? Check out the recently released video for the ripping cut “Something Soulless” by pressing play below...

See? Doesn’t it just rip your throat out? Vicious, vicious, technical shit. So, now that you and Carrion Vael have been properly acquainted, how’s about you affirm your status as the coolest person on your block by being the first to preorder a copy of God Killer? The links are provided below, so no excuses. Get on it, right now! \m/

Release Date: June 19th, 2020 (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Genre: Extreme Technical Death

Influences and Contemporaries: Cryptopsy, Origin, Defeated Sanity, Deeds of Flesh, Abnormality, Unfathomable Ruination, Serocs, Atræ Bilis

Carrion Vael Links: Facebook, Instagram


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