Review of Crypt Monarch - "The Necronaut"

Soldiering on in the never-ending quest to bring all of you consistent readers out there only the choicest and most premium finds in underground, up-and-coming, and upstart acts from around the globe, Hated One Metal Reviews is proud to present this next write-up!

Formed only just last year, already immensely talented, and hailing all the way from the tiny – but by all accounts, breathtakingly beautiful – Central American country of Costa Rica, Crypt Monarch are more than ready to become the next favorite band you love that nearly none of your friends will have heard of... yet.

Drawing heavily from their obvious influences in Candlemass, Sleep, Acid King, and Yob, Crypt Monarch will release their three-song, thirty-six-minute debut LP entitled The Necronaut this Friday, July 23rd, through Italy’s Electric Valley Records.

Not fucking around with the trendy, shorter, sludgy stoner metal, this Costa Rican trio have passionately committed themselves right from the get-go to playing long, slow, enjoyable heavy blues jams with a solid emphasis on meaty, stony riffage and relevant, reverberated solos… and it is so damn tasty!

Richly colored in kaleidoscopic sweeps of psychedelic brushstrokes and fully drenched in doom, The Necronaut’s three tracks are each as addictive and entrancing as the next (or the last, depending on your perspective). The fifteen-minute opener “Morning Star Through Skull” purposefully introduces you to all that Crypt Monarch are about with its riffs, solos, and rhythms, and the twin ten-minute terrors of “Rex Meridionalis” and “Aglaophotis” should have any self-professed stoner doom lover’s neck on a constant swivel for the rest of the album!

To immerse yourselves in the unadulterated riffage and accomplished musicianship that is Crypt Monarch’s “Rex Meridionalis” from The Necronaut, simply press play below, and if you are as impressed as Hated One, then follow the links provided at the bottom of the page to support these newfangled Costa Rican doom merchants further! \m/ Ω

Rating: 94 / 100 (A)

Release Date: July 23rd, 2021

Genre: Stoner Doom

FFO: Candlemass, Sleep, Acid King, Yob, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Eremit, Canyon of the Skull, Goatess, Shogun

Crypt Monarch Links: Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Electric Valley Records Webstore


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