Review of Crypta - "Echoes of the Soul"

Writing and releasing one of the finest death metal albums of an entire calendar year is hard enough not only because of the sheer numbers of death acts that are out there to compete with, but when you toss in the fact that your band is made up entirely of females, then the degree of difficulty is instantly, if not unfairly, ramped up.

Consisting of former members from some of the world’s other preeminent all-female metal groups such as Brazil’s Nervosa and Switzerland’s Burning Witches, the brand-new international melodic death enclave known as Crypta are set to blow minds and turn heads with their debut LP, Echoes of the Soul, due out June 11th from Napalm Records.

Now, to stand out in a sea that is straight teeming with death metal fishes of all shapes, sizes, and varieties is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing day, and yet, this Dutch-Brazilian union of women musicians has managed to record an album of straight-ahead melodic death that finally made Hated One’s ears perk up for once; and after multiple, full listens, it is obvious that Echoes of the Soul not only stands out, but that Crypta is also one of the most badass fish in all of 2021’s oceans. How’s that for throwing down the gauntlet, huh, boys?

Truly, Echoes of the Soul is one of best no-frills death metal albums Hated One has heard amongst this year’s releases – and that is saying quite a lot considering the glut of death metal that comes streaming through the promo wires every year... Aggressive, ambitious, and relentless, this album keeps delivering the goods, track after glorious, ripping track.

Some of the best cuts among the bunch include the first single and opener, “Starvation”, and its frenetic follow-up, “Possessed”. Paired with the middle-album monster “Shadow Within” and Hated One’s favorite cut “Kali” peppered in amongst the rest of the insanely listenable tracks that make up the entirety of Echoes of the Soul, this album keeps you reeled in from excellent start to killer finish.

Consequently, the four ladies that make up Crypta have written and will soon release a death metal album that is not only just as heavy, aggressive, and as true to its genre as any that a group full of men could produce, but that is also one of the finest death metal albums of the year, period.

So, on that note, be sure to press play below to check out the official video for “From the Ashes” off Echoes of the Soul immediately, and if you are as impressed with the onslaught of death riffage as Hated One is then you can support Crypta further by following the links below! \m/ Ω

Rating: 98 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: June 11th, 2021 (Napalm Records)

Genre: Melodic Death

FFO: Nervosa, Burning Witches, Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, At the Gates, The Kennedy Veil, Allegaeon, The Eldritch Grimoire, Voices of Ruin

Crypta Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Napalm Records Webstore


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