Review of Demiser - "Through the Gate Eternal"

Regionally focused, Atlanta-based Boris Records have recently backed their blackened thrash, South Carolinian neighbors in Demiser for their debut LP, Through the Gate Eternal, and what an ingenious decision it was!

After only having laid down two short demos since forming in 2018, the burgeoning blackened thrash quintet known as Demiser caught the attention of the Georgia label, and thank the gods for that. Quite obviously having spent most of the ghastly year of 2020 laying down and polishing up the nine sinister tracks that make up their debut full-length, these South Carolina thrashers show incredible, incredible promise upon this lurking beast of an album.

Due out March 12th, 2021, Through the Gate Eternal is essentially made up of the five classic Demiser cuts that made up their two previous demos and four brand new offerings that total thirty-three minutes of absolute fucking mayhem and carnage. Part Venom, part Goatwhore, and all recalcitrant, Demiser’s wickedly turbulent sound was captured and produced magnificently upon this triumph of a debut, and each track has its own unique flavor of fury and indignation.

For example, if it is pernicious, head-nod-inducing riffage that you’re craving, the title-track opener “Through the Gate Eternal” and “Hook and Torment” have got you covered, but if you’re more in the mood for the speedy side of life, then check out tracks such as “Offering” (Hated One’s favorite), “Deathstrike”, and “Unholy Sacrifices”, and for those who prefer the more classic thrash approach, songs such as “Raw Fucking Vomit”, “Demiser the Demiser”, and “Warfuck Demon Lust” will be right up your alley. Hell, even the acoustic interlude “Song of Byleth” is dark, entrancing, and entertaining.

So, jot it down, everybody: 12th of next month, Demiser, Through the Gate Eternal, Boris Records, brand new blackened thrash mastery straight from the bowels of the lower East Coast of America that you must check out!

To get a little taste of Through the Gate Eternal from Demiser, simply press below to hear “Deathstrike” and “Unholy Sacrifices”, and if you’re intrigued enough to investigate further, be sure to follow the links provided below! \m/

Rating: 97 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: March 12th, 2021 (Boris Records)

Genre: Blackened Thrash and Speed

FFO: Venom, Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust, Hellripper, Frosthelm, All Hell, Dismemberment, Sadistic Ritual, Beyond Deth

Demiser Links: Facebook, Instagram


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