Review of Expander - "Neuropunk Boostergang"

Diversiform, manifold, eclectic... these adjectives (and many more) seemingly just stick to the wooly hide of the multifarious beast that is Austin, Texas’s Expander.

As noisy and pandemonian in production as any modern blackened sludge album, but with riff and rhythm patterns emanating from the crossover thrash realm that are fully bathed in the phased out, futuristic forms of a post-progressive bent, Expander’s perplexing blend of styles can be best summarized by the phrase, “everything but the kitchen sink”; and honestly, if you listen hard enough, you can probably even hear the kitchen sink too, buried somewhere deep in the profundity that is Neuropunk Boostergang, the forthcoming full-length due out August 21st, 2020 from Expander via Profound Lore Records.

From antiutopian start to intergalactic finish, Neuropunk Boostergang embraces its listeners in a cold, calculated cloud of atmospheric anarchy. Recorded by the world-renowned Kurt Ballou (Black Breath, All Pigs Must Die, Full of Hell, Converge, High on Fire, etc.) and mastered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust fame, Neuropunk Boostergang has captured Expander’s unmatched energy and amalgamation of genres at its very essence: acrid, raw, and raging.

Fusing crossover thrash with a digitized, dystopian ethos, the ten tracks that comprise Neuropunk Boostergang are each as unique as they are unusual, but truth be told, when the tunes are created by four visionaries sporting aliases like Guzzler, Swirly, Keymaster, and General Ham, you’re almost guaranteed to dirty your fluffy white tail on a topsy-turvy trip down the rabbit hole, aren’t you? Yes, yes you are.

And speaking of topsy-turvy trips, be sure not to skip the highlight tracks of Neuropunk Boostergang such as “Hyper-Flesh Aedificium”, “Waste Ranger”, “Rejunkulizer”, and the orchestrated chaos of the title-track, “Neuropunk Boostergang”, but not to play favorites, honestly, the whole of Expander’s latest effort is all killer and no filler. Period.

So, what are you waiting for? Stay ahead of the pack and get “Hyper-Flesh Aedificium” in your ears by pressing play below, and if you’re digging what you’re hearing, follow the links provided to pre-order Expander’s Neuropunk Boostergang, and be the first person on your block to own a copy of this musical madness! \m/

Rating: 96 / 100 (A)

Release Date: August 21st, 2020 (Profound Lore Records)

Genre: Crossover Thrash mashed with Post-Progressive-Blackened Sludge

For Fans Of: Black Breath, Lord Mantis, Toxic Holocaust, Skeleton, Immortal Bird, Power Trip, Nite

Expander Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp


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