Review of Fleshbore - "Embers Gathering"

Setting the new standard in Indiana technical metal alongside their pals in Carrion Vael, Indianapolis’s latest prime export Fleshbore are soon to officially arrive!

Consisting of the vestiges of the defunct act Into the Divine, Fleshbore are a melodic tech-death outfit who display considerable promise and prowess upon their debut LP, Embers Gathering, due out August 13th from Philadelphia’s Innerstrength Records.

Not content with aping their hometown heroes in The Contortionist or mimicking the other notable contemporary acts from their stomping grounds such as The Room Colored Charlatan or Mapmaker, all of whom decidedly leaned in the progressive direction, Fleshbore seem much happier instead creating insanely vicious and technical melodic death metal á la Psycroptic, Inferi, and Soreption... and this immensely gifted quintet is all the better for it!

To be clear, this is not to say that current Room Colored Charlatan or the earlier recordings of Contortionist and Mapmaker are somehow trash, please do not get that twisted! Rather, it is simply nice to see an act with the courage to try out an exciting new sound and to hear it emanating from the same home as these progressive stalwarts, that’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

But to bring the focus back to the astounding music, Embers Gathering represents yet another crowning achievement in a long, long line of crowning achievements that 2021 seems fit to produce in the genre of technical death metal.

Joining the ranks of their contemporaries in Abiotic, Cognitive, Ominous Ruin, and Fractal Universe – whose releases have already overwhelmed and amazed the world’s metal fanatics and critics – and alongside others with impending LP’s in the offing like Burial in the Sky, Inferi, Replicant, Rivers of Nihil, and First Fragment, Fleshbore’s forthcoming effort only further strengthens the sentiment that 2021 will forever be remembered as one of the greatest years ever for tech-death releases, if not the greatest.

With jaw-dropping compositions such as “Careless Preacher”, “The Scourge”, “Revivified”, and the title-track first single “Embers Gathering” highlighting this seven-song, thirty-two-minute banger of an album, Fleshbore’s Embers Gathering will undoubtedly amass these Indianapolis death dealers an ungodly supply of rabid new fans and should make numerous appearances on end of year lists around the world... not bad for a little act from the diminutive metropolis satirically known as “Naptown”, huh? Not bad, indeed.

Think Hated One is just blowing smoke about the vast talent and incredible music of Fleshbore? Then see and hear for yourselves by pressing play below to check the official video for “Embers Gathering” (and once you’ve done so, be sure to support the band further by following the links provided at the bottom of the page!) \m/

Rating: 98 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: August 13th, 2021

Genre: Melodic Technical Death

FFO: Psycroptic, Soreption, Inferi, Cognitive, Vale of Pnath, Equipoise, Carrion Vael, Symbolik

Fleshbore Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Innerstrength Records Webstore


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