Review of Glacier - "The Passing of Time"

For every band that’s become famous throughout metal’s first fifty years, there are another twenty bands that never quite made it. Whether due to bad luck, bad chemistry, or, most commonly, just not getting noticed by the right people at the right time, exponentially more bands pull off and die on the shoulder of The Road to Success than those who manage to drive on and become household names.

Every so often, though, someone with a claim to one of these abandoned, vintage vessels comes along and sees that it’s not as dilapidated as once believed, wipes off the years of dust and detritus, and says, “You know what? Maybe it’s time to resurrect this old bird, after all!” And so goes the story of Portland, Oregon’s Glacier.

Originally formed in 1979, Glacier’s initial timing could not have been worse, for by the time they gained a solid regional following in the mid-80’s, “hair metal” had already begun to dominate the world of heavy music, and the truer, purer metal acts who wouldn’t compromise their ideals or images to conform with the prevailing trend had suddenly found themselves struggling for attention and survival.

Glacier stuck to their guns and admirably endured until 1990, but by then, not only had hair metal’s dominance died out, but heavy music in all its forms had been shunted to the backburner of the music industry stove, and the Portland-born power act had decided to pack it in for good...or so it had seemed.

Time warp ahead to 2016 and Glacier was still a fond, Oregonian metal memory, but vocalist Michael Podrybau was overcome by an itch to bring back his old band that he couldn’t resist scratching. However, seeing as he was not the original vocalist when they formed (and thus not technically an original member), resurrecting the Glacier moniker was not his move to make, and the original members weren’t interested in coming back. So instead, Podrybau took one of the song titles he’d penned during his days with the band and named his revamped project Devil in Disguise.

Originally put together as a Glacier tribute band for a one-time show in November of 2016, Devil in Disguise was to be a 21st century version of the Podrybau-fronted act sporting an all-new lineup filled with younger, hungrier musicians. For this one show, he recruited a temporary backing band from which two Chicago-born members would help coalesce the eventual rebirth of the act: Drummer Adam Kopecky (ex-Trials) and guitarist Michael Maselbas (ex-Veneficum). Through Kopecky and Maselbas, Podrybau was introduced to guitarist Marco Martell, and in 2017, the first permanent member of Devil in Disguise was on board.

Although initially slated for bass, Martell moved back to guitar duties in 2018 when new bassist Chucho came aboard, and not long after, the lineup was completed when Kopecky and Maselbas decided to join on full time. Consequently, the original members of Glacier had heard of (and most likely heard) Podrybau’s new project, and decided that it was time to bequeath the old moniker to its fitting new steward. With the blessing of all the original members, the name of Glacier was now Podrybau’s to rightfully resurrect, and all Devil in Disguise nomenclature was immediately retired.

Finally reborn in full and free to carry on unhindered, Glacier set to work writing a whole new album’s worth of material, and finally, on October 30th, 2020, we will all bask in the heavy metal glory!

The Passing of Time is the first release to be heard from Glacier in over thirty years – and it’s a fucking ripper! Qualifying as the act’s very first LP (only a couple demos and an EP were issued between ’79 and ‘90), The Passing of Time is one hell of an reintroduction that should most certainly make many a ‘head around the world sit up and take notice of this powerful quintet...again.

Containing eight tracks that span nearly forty-five minutes, The Passing of Time does rehash a few of the original Glacier tunes, "Infidel, "Live for the Whip", and “Sands of Time”, but the rest of the LP is brand new material that, in one simple word, slays. No bones about it, people, this album is right up there with the best power/traditional heavy metal releases of the year; and seeing as everyone from Sacred Reich to Mörk Gryning to Possessed have seen fit to make their comebacks recently, then why not Glacier, too? With or without you, The Passing of Time is going to introduce whole new generations of fans to this old-school act, so don’t get left behind!

To hear the entirety (yes, you read that right, a week ahead of official release!) of Glacier’s Passing of Time, just hit play below, and if you’re loving the revivified sound as much as Hated One, then send the band some love by clicking the links provided below! Stay metal, always! \m/

Rating: 96 / 100 (A)

Release Date: October 30th, 2020 (No Remorse Records)

Genre: Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

For Fans of: Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Manowar, Anvil, Holy Grail, Visigoth, Judicator, Burning Witches, Scars of Armageddon

Glacier Links: Home, Facebook, Instagram


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