Review of Hate - "Rugia"

Over thirty years deep into their journey, Warsaw’s Hate have been bringing their own debaucherous brand of blackened death to Poland’s masses for decades now, but how about to rest of us around the world? In our case, the story of this facinorous foursome is a bit shorter and fresher.

After toiling independently for years, paying their dues, and climbing the ladder one step at a time, Hate’s first flirtations with success involved a slew of releases with Poland’s now defunct Empire Records that were then followed by a pair of LPs backed by France’s respected Listenable Records; but it was when Hate landed a deal with the major players of Austria’s Napalm Records that their star truly began to rise on an international level.

Releasing a trio of full lengths backed by the powerful distribution network of Napalm, Hate had by this point played to thousands and thousands of banging heads at numerous European festivals and on swings through Europe and America opening for the likes of such legends as Hypocrisy, Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, and Mayhem, all the while building their own reputation for incredible stage presence and musicianship.

Inevitably, one final big step was on the horizon, and it came in the form of one of metal’s most experienced and well-respected labels coming to knock on Hate’s door, America’s Metal Blade Records; and after releasing Auric Gates of Veles in 2019 through this legendary label, Hate have returned to delve deeper into their Slavic mythos than ever before with the release of Rugia, due out this Friday from Metal Blade.

Containing nine malignant new offerings of blackened death with a heavy emphasis on the blackened, Rugia is a satiating excursion through the pagan mists and mysticism of Hate’s native, forrested soil. Punctuated throughout by evocative titles, lyrics, and imagery, Rugia is as solid as ancient steel… and just as sharp and cutting.

An excellent listen from turbulent start to tenebrous finish, Hate’s Rugia is highlighted by caustic cuts such as “Exiles of Pantheon”, “Saturnus”, “Resurgence”, and “Velesian Guard”, but again, the overall strength of Rugia dictates that Hated One suggest that you simply start with track one, press play, and let this animal run wild!

To check out the official video for “Resurgence” from Rugia, press play below and if you’re intrigued to investigate Hate further, be sure to follow the links provided at the bottom of this piece! Enjoy, and stay metal! \m/

Rating: 95 / 100 (A)

Release Date: October 15th, 2021

Genre: Blackened Death

FFO: Behemoth, Belphegor, Lvcifyre, God Dethroned, Excommunion, Svart Crown, Crescent, Venefixion

Hate Links: Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Metal Blade Records Webstore