Review of Katavasia - "Magnus Venator"

Fiercely arising from the edge of the deep Greek scene, Katavasia may not be on your radar yet, but the September 4th, 2020 release of Magnus Venator on Floga Records should change all that in a cold, black heartbeat...

Following the fantastic leads set by their fellow countrymen in acts such as Kawir and Empire of the Moon (both 2020 Hated One veterans, by the way) – and of course the indomitable Rotting Christ – Katavasia combine elements of classic, third wave, folk, and symphonic black into a spellbinding swirl of stunning, perfectly produced black metal magic.

Tolling clean and clear, but still as pointed and cutting as an athame’s edge, the spacious production of Magnus Venator – the second LP to be issued from these Greek newcomers – allowed for Katavasia to stretch out, and it clearly shows. From longest song to shortest interlude, every track upon this magnum opus sounds so thoroughly crisp and sinister that it leads to an effect of dropped jaws and blown minds, all around.

Addictively aphotic and maliciously melodic, Katavasia’s Magnus Venator is so full of great hooks that it should come with a warning label. Containing nine cuts of sheer, melodic black metal magnificence, this album’s riffs, bridges, choruses, and compositions have coalesced to produce an album that essentially begs to be spun on repeat. From back to front and bow to stern, Magnus Venator is keenly sublime, but if you’re wondering what the “can’t miss” cuts are, be sure not to skip “Daughters of Darkness”, “Blood Be My Crown”, “Chthonic Oracle” (Hated One’s favorite), or “Sinistral Convent”.

Again though, it bears repeating that this entire album kicks ass, so to get “Chthonic Oracle” in your ears immediately, simply press play below and if you dig what you’ve read and what you hear, be sure to visit Katavasia’s pages, show them some support, and order yourself a copy of Magnus Venator today! \m/

Rating: 97 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: September 4th, 2020 (Floga Records)

Genre: Melodic Black

For Fans of: Rotting Christ, Kawir, Empire of the Moon, Agatus, The Rite, Denial of God

Katavasia Links: Facebook, Bandcamp


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