Review of Kosmodemonic - "Liminal Light"

The realm of blackened doom is close and tightly knit. All told, while some of the other, more major genres can boast to listing literally thousands and thousands of bands upon Encyclopedia Metallum, when it comes to the more precise subgenre of blackened doom acts listed on the preeminent metal archive, only a paltry one hundred and fifty-two bands appear (and many have further sub-tags like death/doom or sludge/doom after the blackened, too).

Perhaps it is the relative modernity of the subgenre or simply the fact that it requires more than just a layman’s talent and skill to pull it off properly, but whatever the reason, blackened doom has remained a niche genre since its 21st century inception.

However, this does not mean by any stretch of the darkest imagination that the blackened doom scene is somehow weak or pretentious, mind you. Quite the opposite, and 2021’s Exhibit A would be the music of Brooklyn, New York’s Kosmodemonic and their sophomore LP Liminal Light.

Due out this Friday, May 7th, on Oakland’s Transylvanian Recordings, Kosmodemonic’s Liminal Light contains nine cuts of pure, undiluted blackened doom that is easy to listen to, enjoyably heavy, dripping with a mature, doomy darkness, and largely drone-free.

Often a major stumbling block in the path of a doom act’s road to gaining new fans is the oft circulated preconception that doom is too slow, too plodding, too boring, or that it drones on incessantly without any inkling of change or climax (literally how “drone metal” got its name, by the way), but in the case of New York’s latest blackened doom newcomers Kosmodemonic, nothing could be further from the truth.

On the contrary, Kosmodemonic’s music is excitingly fresh and dynamic; and although not every composition is completely devoid of drudgery, for the most part, these blackened doom disciples from the borough of Brooklyn have managed to capture the raw essences of both their chosen genre worlds with class and style upon Liminal Light and, most importantly, have made them simultaneously approachable.

In bottling the raw fury of black metal and successfully coupling it with the majestic, epic power of doom metal upon Liminal Light, Kosmodemonic have laid down a primo album, and they are all set to release this high-quality shit upon you all this Friday, so prepare thyselves!

Some of Hated One’s suggested listens upon Liminal Light include the masterly opener “Drown in Drone” and its equally strong follow-up, “Moirai” (official lyric video below!), as well as the middle-album marvels “Ipomoea” and “Broken Crown”, and finally the killer closer, “Unnaming Unlearning”.

So, get on Liminal Light as soon as it is out, and don’t forget to support Kosmodemonic by clicking the links provided at the bottom! Ω

Rating: 94 / 100 (A)

Release Date: May 7th, 2021

Genre: Blackened Doom

FFO: Candlemass, St. Vitus, Culted, Ashtar, Head of the Demon, Loathfinder, Hagel, Escaping Aghartha

Kosmodemonic Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Transylvanian Recordings


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