Review of Madrost - "Charring the Rotting Earth"

Thrash or death? Death or thrash? Expressing the musical equivalent of a tug of war betwixt two well-matched squads, Lake Forest, California’s Madrost have been blurring the lines between these two fundamental forms of metal since way back in 2007 (or, for some perspective, the same year the first smartphone was introduced).

Having paid their dues for a decade leading up to the 2017 release of the Essence of Time Matches No Flesh LP that truly seemed to break them, Madrost are returning again in 2020 with another pointed batch of thrashing tunes double-dipped in death that are fully intended to stir up even more chaos in what is already an incredibly chaotic world.

Due out September 25th, Charring the Rotting Earth is the latest LP to make landfall from Madrost, and boy oh boy, is it a doozy! Containing only a paltry seven cuts, this terse, thirty-minute release still packs quite the powerful punch despite its diminutive size, and is as thorough as it is concise.

Produced right and tight, Charring the Rotting Earth features rollicking thrash riffage and vocals firmly wound around a core of death metal sensibilities and rhythms that build even further upon the strength of past works.

Opening tracks like “The Serpent’s Quest” and “To Prevail the Wicked” immediately warm you up by putting your neck muscles to work, and by the time you’ve reached the meaty middle cuts like “Impossible Dreams” and “A Violent End to Life”, you’re nicely loose and ready to dive into the crossover thrash storm of “Pulverized”, and finally, to fully burn yourself out on the closing title track, “Charring the Rotting Earth”…. Talk about thirty minutes well spent, eh?

Madrost’s Charring the Rotting Earth will be available everywhere this weekend, but to get a taste of this forthcoming thrash n’ death monster, just press play below to check out the official video for “To Prevail the Wicked”, and if you enjoy what you hear, check the links below to support the band! \m/

Rating: 90 / 100 (A=)

Release Date: September 25th, 2020 (No Life ‘til Metal Records)

Genre: Thrash n’ Death/Deathrash

For Fans of: Battlecross, Skeletonwitch, Revocation, Sylosis, Headcrusher, Raider, Plague Years, Intoxicated

Madrost Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp


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