Review of Paralysis - "Mob Justice"

Crossover thrash often draws ire from the metal community for either being too pretentious or just too damn obnoxious; but when done properly, crossover thrash can be some of the most enjoyable metal out there. Groovy, mosh-and-crowd-surf-inducing, and graced with that good old “middle finger in the air” mentality, modern thrash metal laced with punk rock and hardcore leanings doesn’t have to be limited to just Municipal Waste or Power Trip (and Satan knows just how divisive the opinions can be about either one of them).

As a case in point, please take New Jersey’s Paralysis for a prime example: Aggressive, no-nonsense, crossover thrash without a drop of snobbery, pretension, or sophomoric sleaze that is properly produced and absolutely ass-kicking. On the latest independent full-length to drop from the Garden State newcomers, Mob Justice, Paralysis show the world just how fun and enjoyable their chosen genre can be if you just drop the arrogance and/or don’t turn it into some sort of puerile comedy show.

Containing ten blistering tracks that clock in at just under thirty minutes, Mob Justice by Paralysis is one of the finest true thrash albums released so far this year, no doubt. Encompassing few frills and even fewer tricks, this album simply crushes the listener with its fantastically loud n’ clear production and remarkably composed offerings that sometimes groove or break down, but always rip. No bullshit and certainly no namby-pamby, wishy-washy genre-bending to be found here, ladies and germs. Just twenty-nine minutes of thoroughly pulverizing crossover thrash tastiness, done precisely as it should be.

This entire album, with a scheduled release date of May 29th, 2020, is comprehensively and cohesively top-notch from intro to last note, so don’t be a fool and allow this phenomenal release to pass you by! There are other fine options out there for all of you thrash loving maniacs, so give Paralysis some love and get all over Mob Justice right away!

Release Date: May 29th, 2020 (Independent)

Track Listing: 1. “Intro” (1:18), 2. “Master Manipulator” (2:19), 3. “Oblivious” (4:01), 4. “Tombstone” (1:53), 5. “Onward to Slaughter” (3:46), 6. “Nihilist” (3:25), 7. “Cut Short” (3:33), 8. “Yet I Stay” (4:00), 9. “Vessel of Behavior” (2:24), 10. “Had Enough” (2:44, Total: 29:18)

Influences and Contemporaries: D.R.I., S.O.D., Angkor Wat, Hirax, Toxic Holocaust, Lich King, Municipal Waste, Power Trip

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