Review of Recorruptor - "The Funeral Corridor"

For every slick, high-profile release that’s been backed and issued by internationally-known labels, there are another half-dozen albums contemporaneously put out by smaller labels and independent artists that can be brand new to a journalist, even if some of the artists have been around for some time. But, to be fair, it’s a big fucking world out there, and it is quite impossible to know every band from everywhere. However, that doesn’t mean that some of us journalists don’t try anyway!

Consequently, it was with total and pleasant surprise that Recorruptor’s forthcoming album, The Funeral Corridor (due out this Friday), came across the wires here at Hated One Headquarters; and while looking ahead to the 21st of August suggests that releases from big names like Unleash the Archers and Incantation will rule metal sales for the week (and yes, the new Incantation is incredible), there will always be a special thrill in finding the “diamonds in the rough” that have dropped killer music on the same day as the better-knowns.

Formed in Lansing, Michigan in 2013, Recorruptor have been independently honing their own concoction of extreme, technical death metal graced with touches of melodic slam in their own little upper corner of the Midwest for some years now... and the resulting sophomore full-length, The Funeral Corridor, is truly nothing short of extraordinary.

Distinguished by nine spacious cuts of fantastically composed death metal influenced by everything from Cryptopsy to Internal Bleeding to Skinless, the only thing holding back The Funeral Corridor from receiving a 99 or 100 is that the production is audibly lacking in clarity and fullness. But seriously, other than that, this album is straight fire. Straight. Fucking. Fire.

Highlighted by the initial singles “Tormented Egress” and “Souls of Limbo”, and further punctuated by exemplary cuts such as “Moribund” and “Bestow Upon Me Pure Death”, Recorruptor’s The Funeral Corridor will most certainly make many end of the year lists, so be sure to get "Tormented Egress" in your ears right away by mashing the play below, and order a copy by clicking the links provided below if you dig what you hear! \m/

Rating: 98 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: August 21st, 2020 (Independent)

Genre: Extreme Technical/Melodic Death

For Fans of: Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Skinless, Soreption, Acrania, Lelahell, Banisher, Abnormality

Recorruptor Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp


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