Review of Serene Dark - "Enantiodromia"

As evidenced by the recent rebranding here at Hated One Metal Reviews, sometimes a fresh coat of paint and the new impetus that it provides can be just what an artist needs to breathe anew and to approach their craft feeling reinvigorated and rejuvenated. So with the departure of one its founding members back in 2018, an act from Ottawa, Ontario felt this same need to rebrand and renew.

Known as Endemise since their inception way back in 2005, Serene Dark may be mostly the same five dudes doing mostly the same style of melodic black with touches of blackened death, but also with this new name and new branding (and notable new drummer, Nick Rodgers) has come a refreshed sense of passion that has spread among the remaining original members like an enjoyable contagion; and consequently, this enlivened sense of purpose has resulted in the creation of Serene Dark’s forthcoming “debut” banger, Enantiodromia, due out independently on July 17th, 2020.

Melodically malignant in all the right places, graced with groovy death accents, and heavier than a neutron star, Serene Dark’s Enantiodromia is all that you could want out of a modernly produced black metal album, and more. Named after the Jungian principle in which all things subsequently become the opposite of how they once saw themselves, Enantiodromia explores the alchemical human condition and all its grim nastiness through ten cumbrous cuts of exquisite black metal songcraft and fifty-five minutes’ worth of resonant, introspective aggression.

While startlingly dynamic but still thoroughly rip-roaring for most of its extraordinary duration, Enantiodromia is another independent surprise that’s been more than warmly welcomed by Hated One Metal Reviews, so don’t delay! Mash that play button to witness the vim and fury of the official video for “Of Serpentine Form”, and don’t forget to visit Serene Dark on the web and show some support by clicking the links provided below! \m/

Release Date: July 17th, 2020 (Independent)

Genre: Melodic Black Metal/Death

Influences and Contemporaries: Dark Fortress, Naglfar, Christ Agony, The Noctambulant, Sons ov Omega, Arctos, Glaciation, Xaemora

Serene Dark Links: Home, Facebook, Instagram


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