Review of Siderean - "Lost on Void's Horizon"

The past year and a half has been sweepingly transformative in a myriad of ways for an assortment of places, businesses, and people all over the world, including those in metal acts. Many bands and their artists used the time in enforced isolation and phases of recovery to write new tunes and albums, others for much needed rest and relaxation, and others still to completely reinvent themselves.

Consequently, since 2010, a quintet of talented Slovenian musicians has been developing, evolving, and progressing their sound by such massive leaps and bounds that by 2020, the lads in Ljubljana’s Teleport decided that there was no better time than the present for a complete overhaul of their band’s vision and direction, including the name.

Therefore, the moniker and method of Teleport was formally laid to rest upon the flaming pyre of history, and instantaneously Siderean was born from its still-smoldering ashes.

Infinitely more germane to the band’s nebulous, dissonant, progressive, and pitch-bent approach of the present than even Teleport, Siderean – or a derivation of the word sidereal, meaning “related to distant stars and planets, not those of this solar system” – encapsulates and conveys everything that the band has become over the past decade: Darker, more decadent, and expressly more mature... and to capitalize upon this recent reinvention, Siderean will release their debut LP, Lost on Void’s Horizon, in late June via Edged Circle Productions.

Featuring six tracks (five full songs plus an interlude) that total over forty minutes of highly impressive, highly immersive music, Lost on Void’s Horizon may technically be Siderean’s “debut” LP for all intents and purposes, however, the reality is that this album smacks of a band who has been together for over a decade. Because they have.

Atonally austere and surreptitiously spectacular, Siderean’s Lost on Void’s Horizon is one of those sleeper albums that far too many heads will be missing this year, and that’s a damn fucking shame because this release is downright fan-fucking-tastic.

Whatever the reasons may be, Siderean will most likely remain in obscurity for now (and for hopefully not much longer, either). But, for those in the know – like all of you reading this right now – our years will be that much more fulfilled and enhanced by Siderean’s music; and we’ll be living just a little bit happier and more content than everyone else, because we’ll have Lost on Void’s Horizon to enjoy. Fuck. Yes. \m/

Rating: 96 / 100 (A)

Release Date: June 25th, 2021

Genre: Progressive/Atmospheric Death

FFO: Voivod, Cryptic Shift, Teleport, Suffering Hour, Imperial Triumphant, Wrvth, The Odious Construct, Veilburner

Siderean Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Edged Circle Webstore


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