Review of Sodom - "Genesis XIX"

Remaining relevant in the music industry for nearly forty years requires more than just talent, it also takes devotion, proper chemistry, and no small amount of good fortune. Not only must you avoid the classic traps, pitfalls, and perils of life itself to simply survive and live that long, but you also must contend with many of these same perils in the music industry, too. Predatory practices by unsavory people, bad relationships, shifting tastes and priorities, dangerous travel, too much partying and not enough work... all these hazards and a million more are always lurking and threatening to end the careers (and even lives) of your favorite artists, musicians, and bands faster than you can say “jump the shark”.

However, every so often, rare acts and artists defy the odds and acquire prolific, multigenerational careers. Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest are just a few of the prominent names that come to mind, sure, but how about Germany’s Sodom?

Formed in Gelsenkirchen way back in 1982 by original members Tom Angelripper (vox/bass), Aggressor (guitars), and Chris Witchhunter (drums, R.I.P.), Sodom haven’t been wholly immune to shifting tastes, too much partying, or lineup issues over the years, no, but instead of letting it spoil the ride, main man Angelripper has remained utterly devoted to the band and has kept Sodom alive and relevant. Even despite the multiple comings and sometimes tragic goings of guitarists and drummers, Angelripper has kept the essence of Sodom pure and intact, and by consistently releasing a new LP every three to five years, has also kept the band’s name fresh on the tongues of moguls, journalists, and metalheads for almost four decades now.

Consequently, Angelripper’s Sodom have reunited with guitarist Frank Blackfire – most known for his early work with the band on their all-time classics, Persecution Mania and Agent Orange – to record and release yet another brand new, full batch of ripping, thrashing anthems, Genesis XIX.

Due out November 27th from eOne Heavy, Genesis XIX sounds fuller, louder, and more aggressive than any Sodom album that has come before, and though on the surface this statement might sound haughty or misguided, a close inspection of a recent band photo or even just looking at a current lineup sheet should reveal why saying so makes sense, for what’s this?? A fourth member?!

That’s right, ladies and germs, for the first time on an LP, Sodom are a four-piece! With the addition of second guitarist Yorck Segatz, Sodom’s sound is now twice as full, and as Blackfire’s style has not only returned to the band amidst modern production capabilities but has also been “freed up” with the support of Segatz, then it is not such a stretch to imagine Genesis XIX as one of the best sounding LP’s that the band’s ever put out, is it? No, no it isn’t.

Highlights of Genesis XIX include “Dehumanized”, “Occult Perpetrator”, and the killer closer, “Friendly Fire”, but for a perfect sample of the inevitable smack in the face that this whole album is going to give you on November 27th, press play below to check out the official lyric video for “Sodom and Gomorrah”; and if you’re as hyped as you should be after listening, click the links at the bottom of this piece to visit the band’s pages and preorder this monster! Do it, and stay metal always! \m/

Rating: 96 / 100 (A)

Release Date: November 27th, 2020 (eOne Heavy)

Genre: Classic Thrash

For Fans of: Kreator, Destruction, Tankard, Exumer, Slayer, Assassin, Black Fire, Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer, Heathen

Sodom Links: Home, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp


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