Review of Soul Grinder - "Chronicles of Decay"

In recent years, the market for classically influenced death metal seems as saturated as a dinner roll that’s fallen into the broth. From grimy and gory to right and tight, a new death metal act with some sort of traditional or old-school bent seems to pop up almost every day now, and as a journalist, disentangling the good ones from the massive web of “still-in-progresses” and “heard it a thousand times before’s” can sometimes feel like picking gnat shit out of pepper.

But thankfully, every so often, a newly established death act who pays homage to the roots of their genre comes along that can still blow the lids and drop the jaws of even those of us who have “heard it a thousand times before.”

Case in point: Bremen, Germany’s newfangled Soul Grinder. Formed in 2018, this classically leaning death trio with hints of thrash melodicism is not only as newborn as the freshly spewed earth of a volcanically active island, they are also as astoundingly talented as any a death act to be heard in many a trip around the sun; and on Friday, July 3rd, Soul Grinder let loose their debut full-length Chronicles of Decay upon an unsuspecting world who is only now waking up to the magnificence of what just landed in their laps.

Fervently fervid and properly produced, Chronicles of Decay by Germany’s Soul Grinder is 2020’s keenest, straight-ahead death metal album so far. Not deathgrind, not progressive death, not technical death, no. Just simple, good, old-fashioned death metal... You know? Like Moms from Tampa, Florida used to make!

In complete seriousness though, this album is absolutely, one hundred percent all killer and no fucking filler. Right from the turbulent opener “Infernal Suffering” through to the obstreperous closer “Hymn of Death”, Chronicles of Decay delivers nothing but nasty track after nasty track; but like any good metal album worth its salt, it is the middle portion of this release that truly melts the butter.

Opus-like compositions such as “My Unwilling Giver”, “The Delusionist”, and Hated One’s favorite “Morbid Masquerade” showcase just how brilliant Soul Grinder truly are, so what are you waiting for? Smash that play button below and get “Infernal Suffering” in your ears posthaste! \m/

Release Date: July 3rd, 2020 (Black Sunset/MDD Records)

Genre: Classic Death

Influences and Contemporaries: Deicide, Vital Remains, Sinister, Jungle Rot, Ribspreader, Micawber, Pyre (Russia), Skeletal Remains

Soul Grinder Links: Facebook, Instagram


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