Review of Space Chaser - "Give Us Life"

Tremendous thrash can come from anywhere, however, some spots around the world have certainly been hotter than others since the genre’s inception. The Bay Area and L.A. in California, the upper East Coast of the U.S., the Canadian province of Ontario, and the populated areas of Brazil all produced numerous legendary thrash acts since the offshoot genre’s definition was cemented in the early 1980’s.

But did you notice that one other cradle of thrash greatness is glaringly missing from this list? Bonus metalhead brownie points if you asked yourself, “…and what about Teutonic thrash from Germany and Switzerland?”, for it is this same thrash hotbed that spawned the eternal greats such as Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Tankard, Holy Moses, Coroner, and Exumer that has had the most obvious and impactful influence upon today’s reviewees from Berlin, Germany, Space Chaser.

Representing the new guard of 21st century German thrash with a speedy punch and a heaping helping of traditional panache, Space Chaser have been cranking out speed and thrash tunes in the vein of their greatest homeland influences for a decade now; and they’ve been doing it so well in fact that L.A.’s Metal Blade Records noticed from all the way across the pond.

Making their debut with Metal Blade, Space Chaser will unleash the ten track, forty-minute LP Give Us Life upon the planet on July 16th, and the planet had better pull up its socks and prepare itself, for this LP figures to take the world by storm!

Brisk, barreling, and hard charging from start to finish, Give Us Life is one hell of a “How do you do?” for those uninitiated to the Space Chaser method, which encompasses all that is fantastic about thrash metal: it’s fast, it’s heavy as hell, and most of all, it’s a load of fucking fun to listen to! With the riff-driven opener “Remnants of Technology” (see video below) setting the table beautifully, Give Us Life rockets instantly into overdrive and then remains in the red line for the rest of the promising release.

Speedy stunners such as “Juggernaut”, “A.O.A.”, “Signals”, and “Antidote to Order” will certainly appeal to fans of Sodom and Holy Moses, whereas the more traditionally-tinged thrash offerings like “Cryoshock”, “The Immortals”, “Burn Them All”, and the title track “Give Us Life” should make the fans of Kreator, Destruction, and Exumer beam with influential pride. Put it all together and Space Chaser have got the makings of one excellent album here, ladies and germs, full stop.

So, on that note, remember in any way you must that on July 16th Space Chaser’s Give Us Life will be available everywhere courtesy of Metal Blade Records... Get on it! \m/ Ω

(Fast forward to 4:18 if you're impatient and cannot wait for the music!)

Rating: 96 / 100 (A)

Genre: Thrash/Speed Metal

FFO: Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Exumer, Holy Moses, Tankard, Lazarus A.D., Crisix, Havok, Warbringer, Evile

Space Chaser Links: Facebook, Instagram, Metal Blade Webstore


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