Review of The Bleeding - "Morbid Prophecy"

The world-famous streets of London, England: Crammed, crowded, and chock-full of history dating back nearly two millennia. The birthing grounds of celebrated acts such as Angel Witch, Motörhead, and the indomitable Iron Maiden, London has certainly produced more than its fair share of metal stalwarts. More recently, though, acts like Orange Goblin, Acrania, and Haken have kept “The Big Smoke” relevant on the world’s metal stage – and if instincts prove correct, it’s high time to also add The Bleeding to this distinguished list.

London’s The Bleeding have been honing their craft for the past nine years, and on October 18th, 2019, the culmination of their hard work was unleashed upon the world in the form of Morbid Prophecy (World War Now Records), the second full length release from this promising British four-piece.

Raw and unrefined in all the right ways, The Bleeding’s Morbid Prophecy is thirty-two minutes and eight tracks worth of estimably excellent death metal with the occasional thrash twists. Rough and tumble, Morbid Prophecy hits the marks and ticks the boxes: Loud and aggressive? Check. Loose and lively? Check. Fun to listen to and well-produced? Double fucking check!

Upon your first listening of Morbid Prophecy, be sure not to miss the dual vocal destruction of “Maelstrom”, the hook-laden deliciousness of the tracks “Morbid Prophecy” and “Storm of the Hellspawn”, and the groovy murkiness of “Sadistic Saviour”.

All in all, Morbid Prophecy by The Bleeding is a tremendous album. What it lacks in overall length it more than makes up for in musical craftsmanship, and this release is one that nary a good metalhead should sleep on.

Press play below to listen to The Bleeding’s Morbid Prophecy in its entirety, and if you dig it, make sure to send the band some internet love, purchase some merch, and spread the word that another fantastic English act has arrived!

Rating: 9 / 10

Released: October 18th, 2019 (World War Now Records)

Influences and Contemporaries: Slayer, Morbid Angel, Pestilence, Coroner, Asphyx, Exhumed, Massacre, Acid Death

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