Review of The Lylat Continuum - "Ephemeral"

Striking like a bolt from the blue, the act of discovering a fantastic new band is always an instantly pleasurable experience. The music – alien though it is at first – stirs your soul, puts a charge in your blood, and sends waves of chills throughout your spine and your body, and then does it again on the next listen, and the next, and so on.

One of the greatest perks of being a metal journalist is getting the opportunity to discover emergent new artists and to hear their debut offerings before they even hit the streets; and every so often, one of those emergent new bands is so talented, so precocious, and so exasperatingly good that you just know with every fiber of your body that the act is going to arrive faster than a Tokyo-bound bullet train.

Consequently, if you hadn’t surmised already, Hated One Metal Reviews recently found another of these amazing new bands, and if the prediction holds true, then many a metalhead around the world will soon know of The Lylat Continuum.

Hailing from the long-established metal hotbed of Denver, Colorado and featuring current members of Last Chance to Reason (drummer Evan Sammons), The Contortionist (bassist Jordan Eberhardt), and Rivers of Nihil (saxophonist Patrick Corona) as session players, The Lylat Continuum’s phenomenal debut LP Ephemeral will soon be let loose on the unsuspecting world.

Due out independently on February 19th, 2021, Ephemeral is eight songs and fifty-five minutes’ worth of progressive metal exquisiteness. Sounding something like the dazzling lovechild of Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, Pink Floyd, Scale the Summit, and Planetary Duality-era Faceless, The Lylat Continuum have come upon a sound that is intricate, heavy, rich, and resplendent – and usually all at once, to boot.

Right from the start of the aptly titled intro, “Into the Vast”, you know you’re not in for just another fancified metal album playing at being progressive. This shit is the real fucking deal. The straight fucking dope. Ebbing and flowing with grace and violence like the surf breaking upon a volcanic, lava-filled beach and simmering back out to sea, every single cut on this remarkable album takes the listener on a journey of the mind and the soul, including the intro.

And once you’re into the teeth of “Zero”, the ten-plus-minute opener, you’ll know you’re committed to listening to the whole thing, for as profoundly extraordinary as “Zero” is, it represents only a foretaste of the masterful feast to come. Other stunning highlights such as the twelve-minute epic “Epyon”, the galactically infused “Meta”, and the plodding, math-bending “Libra” stand out like supernovas amongst the lush backdrop of stars laid down by the remainder of Ephemeral’s magnificent cuts.

Ambitious, accomplished, and bound for stardom, Denver’s The Lylat Continuum are the next big thing in progressive metal; and just like their idols who’s debut albums all made people perk up and take serious notice, so shall Ephemeral be for The Lylat Continuum as Between the Buried and Me was for them, Exoplanet was for Contortionist, and Focus was for Cynic. Do not sleep on it. Sincerely.

To get into the teeth of “Zero”, as promised, simply press play below, and if you’re as blown away as Hated One has been by The Lylat Continuum, be sure to preorder a copy of Ephemeral by following the links provided below. \m/

Rating: 99 / 100 (A++)

Release Date: February 19th, 2021 (Independent)

Genre: Progressive Metal/Progressive Death

FFO: Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, Cynic, Scale the Summit, The Faceless (early), Dissonance in Design, Cryptic Shift, Iapetus

The Lylat Continuum Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp


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