Review of Unbounded Terror - "Faith in Chaos"

The past few years have witnessed the comebacks of an unholy host of bands thought long gone and forsaken. Big name acts like Sacred Reich, Possessed, and Exhorder released original albums in 2019 for the first time in over twenty years each; others like Vio-lence and Sylosis have reformed, are touring again, and are threatening to release new albums (Sylosis definitely, Vio-lence, maybe..??!!); and countless other vintage acts have seen the recent rebounding of their peers and decided to join in the fun, too. After all, if the public is providing the fuel, why not rekindle the fires, right? Hell, even relics of the hair and nu-metal fads have sensed the public shift and have begun reforming to grab as much cash as they can, while they still can.

But setting those trend-sucking cash-cattle aside, the recent resurgence in true heavy music across the globe has not been as sudden as it may seem to the ignorant, uninitiated masses whose heads are so easily turned by ignominious reunion tours. Those of us who live and breathe metal everyday of our lives – regardless of the general public’s recognition of its existence – have seen the slow and steady rejuvenation of our local communities and have known that days like these have been approaching for quite awhile now; and clearly, even on the small, Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Spain, the rumblings of this global upswell have been felt – and acted upon.

Mallorca’s prototypal death metal pioneers Unbounded Terror initially solidified in 1991, put out three demos, a split, and a full-length in only two years’ time, and then, in 1993, they puffed out of existence like a fast-burning wick caught in a deluge. Fast-forward twenty-six years to 2019, and original member/guitarist Vicente Payá found himself with an insatiable hunger. It was the hunger that only the reawakening of an erstwhile project could satisfy; and so, Unbounded Terror was reborn, with three new bandmates and a brand-new attitude to resurrect their classic Spanish death metal sound with modern methodologies.

Subsequently, on January 2nd of 2020, Unbounded Terror have officially returned with their first full-length release in over two decades, Faith in Chaos (Xtreem Music), and although their band’s name may not be as familiar to some as the aforementioned Sacred Reich or Vio-lence, Unbounded Terror have released an album that sure as hell will put their name on the tongues of many again, and very soon at that.

You see, in the early 90’s, when the internet was still in its infancy, bands across the globe had much less ability of getting their music out of their own regions, let alone their own countries. Tape-trading was the tried-and-true method throughout the 80's, but it was in its death throes by the early 90's thanks to the increasing popularity of CDs and the oncoming storm that was the proliferation of digital music – and apparently Unbounded Terror was caught in the purgatorial limbo that ensued for about three or four years there while tape-trading died out and the web morphed into the powerful, insidious tool that we are all familiar with now.

So thanks to today’s web, music is spread as fast as radiation in a fallout zone, and Unbounded Terror's Faith in Chaos will certainly be making the figurative rounds. Classically gritty and grimy, but with touches of melodicism throughout, Faith in Chaos is nine brand new compositions (plus an intro) that stomp, shred, and destroy. Produced with polish and panache, Faith in Chaos is a delicious confluence of music that sounds like a blast from death metal’s past but was recorded on modern equipment and mastered with 21st century meticulousness.

Some of the choicest selections on Faith in Chaos include the caliginous opener “Hiding from the Light”, the mosh-inducing middle tracks “Destroyed from Within” and “They Will Come from the Pain”, and the album’s entire closing trio, “The Destroyers of Hope”, “Engulfed by the Gods”, and “Through Flesh We Will Reach Hell”.

Nasty, fierce, and fun to listen to, Unbounded Terror’s Faith in Chaos signals the triumphant return of yet another old school act to the new, resurgent age of metal - so get this banger of an album in your ears posthaste, and help spread the word far and wide that Mallorca’s death metal trailblazers are back with a vengeance!

Listen to music from Unbounded Terror’s Faith in Chaos by pressing play below and be sure visit the band on the web by clicking the links provided beneath the player! \m/

Rating: 9 / 10

Release Date: January 2nd, 2020 (Xtreem Music)

Influences and Contemporaries: Obituary, Death, Morbid Angel, Master, Creeping Death, Ribspreader, The Bleeding, Coffin Curse

Unbounded Terror Links:, Nest of Affliction (1992 album / 2011 remaster):


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