Review of Vader - "Solitude in Madness"

Solitude in Madness, madness in solitude, either or these days, right? Vader’s first full-length to drop in three years and its fitting title have come at just the right time. As many of us struggle with finding ways to occupy our copious free time, or sit staring into the void as this quarantine drags on and on, we can always find solace and comfort in music; and what’s better than new music from an incomparable Polish deathrash act who’s been at it for well over thirty years now? Not a whole hell of a lot!

Replete with furious tunes for the end times, Vader’s Solitude in Madness is eleven brand new cuts of deathrash vehemence, vim, and vigor. Dropped within a calendar year of their last brilliant EP, 2019’s Thy Messenger, Solitude in Madness keeps the crushing, thrashing ferocity coming in wave after wave on this fantastic effort from the battle-scarred, Olsztyn-based bad-asses.

Never relenting until the final track is done, Solitude in Madness showcases all that is spectacular about Vader in its modern state: crystal-clear production, experienced songcraft, and their utterly vicious approach to the deathrash subgenre. Listening to this album, you can clearly picture the pits in your head, as each song is tailor-made for the subtle art of moshing and all its glorious, bone-crushing grandeur.

Every track on this stunning effort is rip-roaring and enjoyable, but if you’re seeking suggestions, then be sure not to skip the opener, “Shock and Awe”, or the other standout cuts, “Incineration of the Gods”, “And Satan Wept”, and the slamming goodness of “Dancing in the Slaughterhouse”.

Although in all likelihood you already know who Vader is and what they’re all about, Solitude in Madness is honestly still one of the heaviest and best sounding albums that these vets have put out in quite some time, so press play below to give it a listen in its entirety and make sure not to miss this killer release! ‘Nuff said! \m/

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Release Date: May 1st, 2020 (Nuclear Blast)

Influences and Contemporaries: Cancer, Slayer, Sepultura (early), Master, Testament, Possessed, Thanatos, Desaster, Atheist, Claustrofobia

Vader Links: Home, Facebook, Instagram


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