Review of Vukari - "Aevum"

Over the past six years or so, something massive has been fomenting in Chicago, Illinois. While the city has always been a hotbed for fantastic metal, the past few years have seen an unnaturally sinister surge of gifted, talented acts coming from the Midwest’s largest metropolis – and in 2019, some of the finest have come from the field of atmospheric metal.

On October 1st, Aevum (Vendetta Records), Chicago’s next mind-blowing atmospheric black metal masterpiece officially hit the streets courtesy of Vukari, the four-piece powerhouse that you may not know…but should.

Aevum is the third full-length studio offering from Vukari, and it is without a doubt their finest work to date. Featuring eight stunning tracks drenched in dreamy darkness, Aevum is awe-inspiring from start to finish.

Not one song on this album is weak in any way. The songwriting, the composition and execution, the interplay of the crushing dynamics and hypnagogic transitions, the production, the mixing and mastering, hell, even the cover artwork – all is one hundred percent top-notch on this genre-defining release.

This phenomenal effort also comes only five short months after the May release of I: Voice (The Artisan Era) by Vukari’s hometown contemporaries Warforged, which has garnered Warforged much praise, critical acclaim, and touring opportunities. Well, if you enjoy Warforged, prepare to fall in love with another devestatingly potent artist from The Windy City, for Vukari are as equally impressive, as equally brilliant, and as equally worthy of all the praise, critical acclaim, and other opportunities afforded to their neighborhood coevals.

As aforementioned, no song on this album is to be missed or glossed over. Every single track is engaging and entrancing, but if hard-pressed to choose favorites, some of the best of the lot would have to be “Agnosia”, “Entire Worlds Encased in Ice”, and “Disparity (The Great Works)”.

But in all honesty, the best advice when it comes to Vukari’s Aevum is to sit back, press play on track number one, and just let the whole, wonderful wave wash over you until the very end of the final song. This is truly the best way to experience this magnum opus.

Now, go forth, listen to Aevum by pressing play below, and spread the word if you dig what you hear!

Rating: 10/10

Release Date: October 1st, 2019 (Vendetta Records)

Influences and Contemporaries: Blut aus Nord, Summoning, Lunar Aurora, Woods of Desolation, Wolves in The Throne Room, Fen, Obsequiae, Sleeping Ancient, Warforged

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