Review of Wode - "Burn in Many Mirrors"

There is nothing more intriguing as a metal journalist and connoisseur than to watch the maturation process of bands from across the globe. From all over this great wide world of ours, if they play their cards right, acts may form, foster, and ferment like fine wines to become satisfying, full-bodied members of the international society of influential touring rounders whose names are incessantly on the lips and tongues of writers, bloggers, and fans.

Consequently, a few years back, a promo arrived for Manchester, England’s melodically cosmic black metal upstarts Wode and their latest work of the time, Servants of the Countercosmos (2017, Avantgarde Music).

After an eyebrow-raising initial listen, this sophomore LP from these English up-and-comers had hooked Hated One in with its promising thirty-one minutes and six tracks worth of celestially charged melodic black metal; and though sadly no article was generated from this incipient interest of the time, a firm mental note had indeed been taken down to check back on the development of Britain’s Wode in the future...

Fast forward four years to the present day, and lo and behold, but who should once again make an appearance in Hated One’s promo inbox but Wode, this time being backed by the reputable American label 20 Buck Spin for their third full-length release entitled Burn in Many Mirrors.

Due out April 2nd, Burn in Many Mirrors is the unofficial proclamation to one and all that Wode have formally arrived. Made up of six tracks and thirty-nine minutes of majestic, melodic black metal, this LP is as profound as it is praiseworthy, and as definitive as it is deliberate. Rich, elaborate, and utterly hypnotizing, Burn in Many Mirrors represents Wode’s masterstroke, and hands down ranks them as one of the hottest new arrivals to burst onto the international scene in 2021.

Once this beast of a release hits the streets in early April, be sure not to miss the stunningly addictive riffage of Hated One’s favorite cut, “Serpent’s Coil”, the sinuous turpitude of “Fire in the Hills”, the incredible insidiousness of “Vanish Beneath”, and the multifarious closing track, “Streams of Rapture (I, II, III)”.

To check out the aforementioned insidiousness of “Vanish Beneath” and to get properly hyped for the impending release of Wode’s Burn in Many Mirrors, simply press play below, and if you’re enjoying what you’re hearing, follow the links provided below to support the band! \m/

Rating: 94 / 100 (A)

Release Date: April 2nd, 2021

Genre: Melodic/Cosmic Black

FFO: Rotting Christ, Naglfar, Uada, Winterfylleth, Drudkh, Ruadh, Katavasia, Arctos

Wode Links: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, 20 Buck Spin (Label Store)


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