Review of Wormwitch - "Wolf Hex"

Just as deserving and worthy of praise as other, more well-known acts from their home stomping grounds, Vancouver’s black metal cooperative known as Wormwitch may not be as technically mind-boggling as Archspire, as power driven as 3 Inches of Blood, or as universally puzzled over as Devin Townsend, but the strength of their own uniquely unapologetic blend of melodic black metal, naturalism, and crust has kept this keen project continuously on the rise since their formation only six short years ago.

Already on the verge of dropping their third and most accomplished full-length effort in said six years, Wormwitch are seeking to etch their own names onto the list of Vancouver’s greatest metal acts to ever grace a stage; and if the direction of the music displayed upon the forthcoming Wolf Hex is any indication, then that’s precisely what this phenomenal quartet is about to accomplish.

Immensely more vast, organic, prodigious, and natural in production and sound than anything the B.C. act has put out before, Wolf Hex symbolizes a major turning point for Wormwitch. Due out August 27th and representing their third LP to be released in conjunction with California’s Prosthetic Records, Wolf Hex is the first by the band to be laid down as a four-piece, and it is all the better for it.

Absorbing the influences and sound of their newest members Kyle Tavares (Seer, Vital Spirit; guitars) and drummer Israel Langlais (Unbeheld, Vital Spirit; drums), Wormwitch have achieved amazing new heights across the board upon Wolf Hex. Production, songwriting, depth, cohesiveness of each song with the next… all have improved immensely upon this latest effort from these accomplished Canadian lads.

From the early stunners of Side A such as “Canadian Denim Mountain Attack”, “The Wolves of Ossory”, and Hated One’s favorite “Hammer of the Underworld” to the Side B monsters like the first single “Abracadabra” and the phenomenal “Leering Crystal Effegies”, Wormwitch’s Wolf Hex delivers the goods from start to, well, almost finish.

You see, as much as tossing in a cover at the end of an album can be fitting and fun from time to time, it must be right song, otherwise the effect can be rather off-putting, no matter how good the song or the cover of it is… and while Wormwitch’s closing cover of Metallica’s “Hit the Lights” is good, it also has the unseemly quality of seeming just plain out of place compared to the rest of Wolf Hex.

Still, setting this little miscalculation aside reveals Wolf Hex to be an incredible album no matter how you slice it, and one that will undoubtedly receive repeated spins on many a metalhead’s turntable this Fall. To dig on Wormwitch’s official video for “Abracadabra”, just press play below and be sure to support the band by following the links at the bottom of the page if you’re enjoying what you’re hearing! \m/ Ω

Rating: 95 / 100 (A)

Release Date: August 27th, 2021

Genre: Melodic Black Metal

FFO: Dissection, Naglfar, Netherbird, Gaerea, Uada, Katavasia, Vindland, Serene Dark

Wormwitch Links: Facebook, Instagram, Prosthetic Records Webstore


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