Review of Wraith - "Undo the Chains"

One of the most scorching, up-and-coming speed/thrash acts from around the globe just happily happen to reside not far from Hated One’s home turf! Originating just over the border in what are essentially nothing more than northwest Indiana’s contribution to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Wraith are fast becoming one of the hottest acts on the planet… and Hated One has had a front-row seat for their entire, glorious rise.

Formed in 2016, Wraith instantly awed the hometown crowds in Indiana with their killer concoction of speed metal, thrash, and horror punk (all with a blackened edge), and naturally, it didn’t take long for these four thrashing lads to plan their conquest of the major metropolis within spitting distance of their front doors. By 2018, vinyl stickers bearing Wraith’s awesome logo could be seen all over Chicago’s favorite metal venues and eateries and the message was abundantly clear: first, the Windy City and next, the world!

And so it was that in early 2019 Wraith released their independent breakthrough LP Absolute Power to incredible adulation and praise (including some from this very site); so much so that Cleveland’s mid-level powerhouse label Redefining Darkness picked up the LP and gave it the proper release and distribution that it deserved while also signing to band to a contract.

Not long after the Redefining Darkness (re)release of Absolute Power, our little Indiana-by-way-of-Chicago secret was obviously a secret no longer… Wraith was officially arriving on the international scene. Pulling in compliments and acclaim from blogs, websites, and the major metal magazines from around the world, Absolute Power broke the band wide open and put their name on the lips of tongues of metalheads everywhere; and although COVID may have stolen their chance to truly tour throughout 2020 in support of their phenomenal LP, it still put Wraith on the path of a massive future regardless.

So, to follow up the success of Absolute Power, Wraith will return on September 24th with another rip-roaring collection of brand-new speed and thrash anthems entitled Undo the Chains, and though COVID is still wreaking havoc on tour schedules and planning, Wraith seem determined to not hold back and to be hoping that 2022 may just be the year that they and the world can finally become properly acquainted.

Featuring eleven new compositions and an intro, Undo the Chains picks up right where Absolute Power left off with even more ripping riffs and solos, more breakneck speed, and a metric fuckton more of ballsy, thrashy, headbang-inducing rhythms.

With conspicuous standout tracks such as “Gatemaster”, “Cloaked in Black”, “Time Wins”, “Gift of Death”, and Hated One’s favorite, “Bite Back” underscoring this outstanding effort, Undo the Chains is poised to supercharge Wraith’s already meteoric ascendence and confirms without a doubt what many of us here in Chicago and northwest Indiana have already known for quite some time… that Wraith kick ass and are more than worthy of every ounce of your fandom.

To be envenomated by “Bite Back” from Undo the Chains, simply press play below and if you’re as instantly infatuated with Wraith as expected, follow the links provided at the bottom of the page to support the band further and preorder a copy of the album (also make sure to peep the show flyer below if you live anywhere near Chicago and can potentially catch Wraith LIVE in October along with Black Knife, Sewer Rat, and Voimaton!)… Enjoy! \m/

Rating: 97 / 100 (A+)

Release Date: September 24th, 2021

Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal

FFO: Venom, Motörhead, Sodom, Midnight, Toxic Holocaust, All Hell, Bewitcher, Hellripper, Beyond Deth

Wraith Links: Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Redefining Darkness Records Webstore


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